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Thanks for the info. I have fibro. I eat very little meat & am interested in seeing Dr. McDougall 's plan. I am going to see if I can get a book from my library.


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A fellow teammate mentioned having Chron's Disease ... and most of us are here for various 'lifestyle' diseases these days ... auto-immune (includes colitis, Chron's, arthritis, etc. etc.), diabetes type 2, heart disease, etc. etc. I wrote a response and started to post in the 'thread' we were in but thought more people might be interested and come across it here instead. I've been mentioning I'm a vegan (trying to be vegan) and some of the remarkable health improvements, reversals I've personally been experiencing and some of you are getting a bit curious.

One go-to resource for me in the beginning when changing to a vegan way of life was Dr. McDougall. I went there today to look up Chron's and found some interesting things there ... as well as something I probably should do regarding arthritis ... which is his Elimination Diet ... there are links about all this at the end of this post. (You may have to cut/paste them?)...

So take a look if anybody is interested .. McDougall has not been my only source by any means ... I have tons over the past 3 years of my vegan adventure/study/research ... but I always seem to gravitate back to him because he is concise, articulate and on spot with info and has a wonderful website chock full of information. Following is my original response to our teammate:

I'm sorry you have Chron's Disease and all the complications that entails. I don't know if you'd be interested but Dr. John McDougall's plan has had success for all kinds of diseases/conditions ... including Chron's ...for thousands of people ... including ones who have already had/experienced surgeries, etc.

I went to his website after reading your post and did a quick search on Chron's and there's lots of info there ... people sharing their experiences. I'm inserting a link for one lady's video at the end of this post - she had similar situation to yours, had multiple surgeries, etc. Her 'story' is about 13 min long. Also links for some info in form of article and newsletter - covering auto-immune diseases including arthritis.

McDougall's website has a lot of free info/plan outline/recipes etc. and all his 'scientific' back-up ... I use it all the time. He also has 10 day gatherings that would be wonderful to go to and learn/ be fed all day/every day while getting healthy and learning the why's and wherefore's of eating vegan plus getting a bit of 'vacation' in to boot ... but something I will never be able to afford - ha! I use his website and have also checked out his books from the library and have found that more than adequate to be successful. On his programs tab at his website you can find his 'free program' link.

There are just too many people that are McDougaller's that have reversed and cured SO MANY DISEASES ... simply eating his 'style' of vegan plan. Plus, lose weight!

There are many other doctors out there these days - that like McDougall- have based their 30-40-50 years practices evolving around 'eating' as the cure ... for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, etc. etc. McDougall is a bit more 'vegan' ... others allow fish or grass fed beef or other things 'sparingly' ...

McDougall's 'science and research' makes sense to me ... well, most of the time - sometimes it gets too 'scientific' - ha! He is also instrumental in working with our nation in improving how our doctors are trained in college (most doctors to this day receive zilch training in nutrition) to working with the FDA and the powers-that-be in marketing our foods to getting this info out to the public.

I really appreciate McDougall's life's work and do not think I would be 'here' had I not started trying to follow his way of eating. I am certain I would have had a heart attack or stroke in the summer of 2013 ... my blood pressure was SO HIGH the day the free health clinic cardiac specialist told me the fastest 'way' I could lower my blood pressure without medications was to become 'vegan - immediately' ... as in that day ... he said it was my 'wake-up-call' (I really think they'd rather I had gone to the hospital immediately but there was no way I was going to) ... he was one doctor that I followed his advice - that very day! And his 'prescription' rang true for me. Within one week my blood pressure numbers were coming down/continued to do so steadily to 'normal' range...medication free. Simply my body's response to my eating REAL and whole plant based foods...via McDougall's 'way'.

My sister has horrible gastro-intestinal issues ... but she won't even 'consider' or even take a look at this ... she's house-bound most of the time and is continually getting test, after test, and procedures and nothing has 'helped'. She is convinced eating 'this way' would make it worse. She also suffers from arthritis, can no longer get out of bed 'by herself', won't exercise, etc. Her answer is pain pills. I cannot go that 'route' ...

To each their own choice! I just personally can't discount the thousands and thousands and thousands of McDougall'ers and other people eating vegan who have cured about every disease we most 'commonly' have and that are epidemic these days.

SO, of course, I was a 'try it and see if it works' type gal ... and it did ... for me.
So, if you or anybody else is interested, here's the link for the gal's story about her experience with Chron's and McDougall's plan:

An article covering severe colitis/Chron's, etc.:

Newsletter/auto-immune disease focusing on arthritis but including many others including Chron's ...

This newsletter addresses auto-immune diseases (Chron's is included) but mostly focusing on arthritis ... it also goes more in depth to an "Elimination Diet" which helps ascertains which types of foods are causing one's flare-ups ... something I have not done ... yet ... but may some day. My inflammation/pain has gone down considerably when I 'stay' on McDougall's vegan plan (which is slightly different than general vegan plans) but I may could get more relief even if I were to try this Elimination Diet and maybe discover something causing my remaining issues? Hmmmm... don't know if this post is more for you OR for ME - ha! I'll have to look into trying this elimination diet ... IF it would get rid of my remaining pain ... what a miracle/relief that would BE!

Sorry post is so long but perhaps you or someone else will find something helpful out of it.

I certainly don't guarantee this will work for anybody else ... I suggest if anyone has an inkling of interest to 'try it and see' ... HOWEVER ... IF ON ANY MEDICATIONS AT ALL ONE MUST CONSULT WITH THEIR DOCTOR FIRST ... because your body will respond so fast and medications have to be adjusted regularly to keep up with your body healing or you get into a whole slew of 'other' problems. I was not on any medications at the time of my crossing paths with that wonderful volunteer doctor at the health fair so I stopped at the store on the way home and filled the cart with real food - veggies - fruits and started my journey.

Whatever choice one makes in pursuing their personal health goals I wish you ALL the best outcomes possible!

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