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12/3/13 9:14 P

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you are right keelie . our thoughts are so ingrained with fake airbrushed people we see on magazines and tv it has taken me awhile to get those unrealistic images from my head but now when I look in the mirror I see someone who is changes her life and thought patterns for the best @ career girl I say go for it emoticon

delia* believe in yourself and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish

its only considered failure when you quit trying

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12/3/13 8:24 A

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I love my new mirror on the new dresser I got because I can finally see how I move. I wanna be an awesome dancer, whatever size I am. emoticon . Leslie, congratulations on that accomplishment.

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11/8/13 12:58 P

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I love that Keelie!
Not to be too graphic, but it depends on how much clothing I'm wearing as to what I see when I look. Straight out of the shower I can't help but see my problem areas and some sagging skin. But then I remember that the loose skin is from all my hard work so that makes me feel good.

Leslie (eastern time, GA)

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11/8/13 9:47 A

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I think this is a great topic we as women are trained to only see our faults. We are comparing ourselves to impossibly airbrushed versions of somebody else's vision of what beauty "should" be.

When I look in the mirror sure I see my double chin and my muffin top, but I also see someone who is well loved...muffin top and all.

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11/6/13 9:38 P

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I try not to look in mirrors.

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11/6/13 9:34 A

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When you look in the mirror what do you see?

What’s typically the first thought that comes to mind when you glance at your reflection? Would you say it’s a positive thought, a neutral response, or maybe a little negative grumble?

As you glance at your face, do you notice your greatest features – your bright eyes, your friendly smile, your healthy soft hair? Or, do you immediately notice what you think are your flaws? Be honest…

Last week I came across a promotional video by Dove which is titled, Real Beauty Sketches. My friend, Sandy posted the video on her Facebook page and the caption caught my attention. As I watched the video, my heart started to ache and an unsettled feeling came over me. I’d love for you to take a minute and watch it too. I think you’ll be surprised and might even feel your heart tug a little.

Pretty powerful, huh?

These are beautiful women and yet they have painted a self portrait in their minds that distorts the way they literally see themselves.

A self-portrait that appears flawed.

A self-portrait that seems harsh.

A self-portrait that “needs improving”.

Can you relate to these women in the video? How would you describe yourself to a sketch artist or anyone else, for that matter? Would your words be positive, kind, and uplifting?

So let’s be gut-honest…

It’s difficult, right? Because the world is constantly in our faces – flaunting airbrushed cover girls, gorgeous blockbuster celebrities, and perfect-body magazine models. And, it’s everywhere we look.

We can so easily get caught up in the comparison trap and before we know it, not-so-nice thoughts are filling our minds – just like harsh brush strokes – painting a distorted portrait of how we see ourselves. I’ve fallen into this trap so many times. Gosh, if I had a dime for every time I thought or said something negative about my physical features, I’d be a millionaire.

What about you? What does the portrait you’re painting of yourself look like today?

Those negative thoughts we sometimes believe about ourselves can’t hold up to what God declares is true about us.

You see, scripture says that you are created in the very likeness and image of God (Genesis 1:27). Did you know you are God’s masterpiece? His greatest work of beautiful art? His crowning achievement? (Ephesians 2:10)

Even if you sometimes look in the mirror and invisibly stamp “imperfect” on your forehead – just like I do – God looks at you every single moment and says, Precious child, you are so incredibly beautiful.

So who will we listen to – the world or God? What will we choose to believe? As the world shows off a distorted dichotomy, God whispers the absolute truth in our hearts. It’s amazing how easily we can believe God’s truth for someone else but when it comes to us, we have a tendency to waiver, to question, to hesitate.

Do you see yourself as a beautiful woman created in God’s image? Oh, I pray that you do. Friend, don’t settle for less-than when God has created you for so much more. He is enthralled by your beauty (Psalm 45:11) and you take His breath away ever time He glances at you.

You are loved

You are valuable

You are beautiful

Now it’s your turn:

Today’s Question: What would you consider as your greatest feature? How can you begin changing your perspective and start believing what God says about you is true?

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