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1/21/13 1:12 P

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VLRANDALL - Floors refers to the fact that the One tracks how high you climb while working out by monitoring your elevation. It has a built in altimeter. For every 10 feet in elevation you climb, you get one floor

TIZZMEEE - When I got my fitbit, I went with the One. I wanted to have all those extra features. I wanted to track not only how far I walk, but how high I climb, and the quality of my sleep. I also wanted the silent alarm which is awesome!

I have found the floor tracking feature to be just as valuable if not more so than the step tracking feature. I can walk for miles on flat ground, but climbing hills or stairs is a challenge. Before I got the One, I did my best to avoid stairs and hills. Now I seek them out and find myself climbing higher and higher each day. In the end, I think this feature is the one that will push me to the next level. I am already seeing an improvement in my cardiovascular health as well as my endurance.

As for which device you should choose, it depends on whether or not you will use the extra features. I personally have found them to be quite useful and well worth the extra expense.

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1/21/13 11:54 A

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I have the zip since Christmas. I didn't think I would wear a device while I slept. Well, the zip is so small and convenient to clip on my bra that I am now thinking I could have comfortably wear the one during sleep. If I had to do over, I would have asked for the one as a christmas gift.

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1/21/13 11:39 A

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Thank you for asking this question. I'm similar to you, I purchased the Zip thinking I'd use it a while before putting more money into the One. I appreciate all the answers! Thank you! Question, what is counting "the floors"? Curious what that means.

As far as my experience with the zip, I love it. I'm glad I started with it. I may upgrade to the One after a while for the sleep option, but the zip has been a great way to get started. It's taken most of the hassle out of keeping track of my daily routine and I think that has been beneficial for helping me get to the gym. I agree on using the money for aria. That's my next step as well!! Then the only thing I will manually be entering/tracking is my food intake and/or mood. I guess this isn't greatly helpful to helping you decide, but I don't think you can go wrong with either:)

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1/21/13 10:55 A

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I also have the Ultra.

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1/21/13 9:57 A

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I also have an Ultra. I tried a zip and returned it. I missed the floor counting AND the data didn't match up well enough with the Ultra. I also missed the lighted display SO.. I say get the One if you can afford it.. your reasons are valid!

~ vicki
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1/21/13 9:49 A

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I have the ultra and the zip. I don't use the ultra anymore, and didn't use it for sleep when I was using it. The zip is a very good little tool and I plan to use it until something better comes along. I have been researching a watch called the Basis health monitor. It is brand new and right now unavailable. The first launch sold out almost immediatly. I'm waiting to see if this takes off and find out how effective it will be. It counts steps, heart rate, and uses your body temp. also to monitor how many calories you need each day. It's also supposed to track your sleep.

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1/21/13 8:27 A

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Hi there, I have fitbit ultra and love it. Only thing I am missing my ultra can't do is a silent alarm. I really don't care about sincing over smart phone. Although I do have my iPad and iphone. I don't want to get the one yet. And I'm not fun of filex either. Looking for some more improvement in current market. Good luck and enjoy your zip.

Mickey, EST.

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1/21/13 7:53 A

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I have it I bought after research it's good for tracking cheap if u call 59 dollars cheap haven't had a lot of time on web site yet
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1/21/13 7:25 A

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My opinion only, and in the interest of full disclosure, I have the FitBit Ultra (which was discontinued after the One was released).

Keep the Zip and use it consistently and get all the data you can.

They are working on wireless sync with smartphones; the Zip is included in this. If you really want a side-by-side comparison, you can find one here on the FitBit website. They are also coming out with a new product called the Flex. You may use the Zip for awhile and decide you'd rather go with a Flex instead of the One when they come out, because the Flex doesn't have the floors capability, either, but it will be able to track your sleep.

Choices, choices. :)

Hope this helps!

Edit - WELCOME! :)

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1/21/13 3:35 A

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I am new here and am serious about getting healthy and losing weight. I just bought the zip on a whim and used it for one day. I always research higher priced items before I buy and didn't this time (I hadn't heard of the product before today). I liked the zip, but I am wondering if it is worth the extra money to get the one?? I have trouble sleeping (it is 3:30 am now lol) and not sure if I need to track my inability to sleep. And I don't have a lot of chances in my day to do stairs as my job is at a one level school. Are these the only two added features of the one vs the zip?? I like the idea of the aria scale and wondering if I should keep my zip and save my money for that?? Also was looking at the Striiv, but think I like fitbit better....any opinions on that?? Thanks so much in helping me decide what to do!! emoticon

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