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6/18/10 5:04 P

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Look up FLEXCHEF in my friends. He's my nutritionist and if he has a few minutes he'll take the time to run some numbers for you and help you, I'll bet. You can look at my pics to see what he did with me. The scale didn't move down tremendously, but wow! Did my body change!

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6/17/10 1:46 P

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Thanks a lot for the help...I also found an article which discusses something similar (I think?, lol) so I'm going try and combine all the information posted here and come up with some sort of a plan.

Luckily I'm off the summer and I love numbers (I'm a chemistry teacher and science nerd at heart, lol) so I'm gonna take some time to try and crunch the numbers and come up with a plan...hopefully it works!

Here's the link to the article:

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6/17/10 12:52 P

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id argue that the body does indead need some carbs, especially if your active.

your trainer is right, weight is irrelivant. you want muscle and to reduce your bodyfat%. the scale won't tell you this. for example, what would be better, to weight 120 lbs and be 22% body fat or to weigh 140lbs and be 12% body fat?

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6/17/10 11:58 A
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I would follow, MMASLOSKI's suggestion...Click on the red link, he posted. emoticon

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6/17/10 10:41 A

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Losing fat while gaining muscle has been a hot topic for this team lately.

Here is a great thread from this team:

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6/17/10 10:28 A

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Everyone is different but the bottom line is that our bodies do not actually need carbs. Protein and fats are essential carbs are optional. I am a serious lifter and a runner and I eat 20 to 40 grams of carbs daily (veggies and fruit).

At one time my goal was 130, and I did reach it but it was impossible to maintain. I decided to focus on fat % instead of the scales and now have a goal of 140 and at that weight my body fat is about 18%. I managed to reduce my body fat through a low carb diet without lacking energy for my workouts. My diet is supervised and approved by my doctor, a nutritionist and my trainer.


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6/17/10 8:59 A

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So I've lost a lot of weight in the past and am now trying to lose the last 10lbs (the hardest I swear!!!!). My trainer is advising me to toss the scale focus on strength training to lower my body fat% (I'm now at 26% and trying to get down to 18%). I've taken the advice even though I really want the scale to move but whatever...problem is that I also love running and have 2 10Ks this year (one in July and one in Sept.) so I find myself multi-tasking because I strength train and follow a race plan (which includes running and some form of cross-training, for me usually step).

Here's the real question...I need to eat 120-150g of protein each day to build muscle, but I also need to eat enough carbs to fuel my running routine but I don't want to overeat because I don't want to gain weight! I also recently noticed that on my long workout days my clothes smell like urine (ewwww, this is the gross part!). This happened to me before when I was overtraining and I read that it is due to not eating enough carbs.

Could someone give me an idea of the ratio of carbs/protein/fat I should be consuming to burn max fat and increase lean muscle? I'm 5'6", 155lbs and usually burn between 3000-4000 cal per week during my workouts (I have a HRM).

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