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2/22/08 1:35 P

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You sound like you're in a really great place today. "I am living today." That's all we can do, any of us--and it is enough! There's no way of knowing whether we have next year, or next month, or next week, or tomorrow, or even our next breath--so enjoy every moment!

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10/21/07 9:32 A

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OK, this is where I'm going. I am living today. Today Hal is painting the front door, he wants to finish this project. Later we're going to apple orchard. Its beautiful out, and we can enjoy that. I am going to support my husband as best as i can. I cannot control his disease or the outcome of treatment. We have written a list of the things we need to deal with and are beginning to manage them a little piece at a time. Finanaces, job, kids, house, bills, whatever, one day at a time. Today i tell my father about my husband's disease. This is the only new person I need to tell. Tomorrow I will tell my supervisor and work out a way to be able to balance new job and supporting husband and kids. Monday I will call hospital social worker for any resources they have. I will cry. I will look for something to laugh about. I will kiss my kids. I will talk with my husband. I will not give up. I have been blessed, maybe more than I've ever appreciated until now.

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7/17/07 12:50 P

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After my Dad had surgery to remove part of his right lung, his surgeon told us we would have 3-5 years with Dad, that was on March 16, 2007. Well Dad died June 13, 2007. But Dad did have emphysima prior to getting the lung cancer, so chemo or radiation was not an option @ that point, until the tumor in his spine was so big it broke 2 bones in his spine and told us he would be paralized if they did not give him the radiation. He got 10 days of radiation in one day. He could not handle the transport everyday so they did it all at once. I don't have good things to say about Dad's surgeon. NO ONE can tell you when someone is going to die, that is all in Gods hands. Then after Dad got to see the oncologist, he was told he could be cured, then died 2 weeks later.The lungs has spread to his collar bone, other lung, spine and we think by the time it was over, his brain. So I would not take to heart what anyone tells you in regards to how long you have. As far as the fluid you speak of, if it is on his lungs, then they will put a tub in, if there isn't one allready to drain it. Dad's took weeks to drain, but finally did.

I hope this information has been helpful. I'm @ that point that I'm still angry and depressed, but had we had someone who could tell us what to expect it might have been different. I know no case is the same, but still it would've helped. When Dad had surgery we thought okay this is it, we'll take him home and then he would do radiation, but it didn't work out for us. The phone calls over 3 months were devistating. I would talk to my Step Mom Ruth twice a day sometimes more and then I would go home every weekend (I live 1 1/2 hours from home). So I spent as much time with my Dad as I could. He finally told the doctor he wanted to go home, the ambulance brought him home and then he died 6 days later.

I'm here if anyone has any questions or just needs to vent or just needs a shoulder. I will share my story with anyone that want's to hear it. My Dad was a wonderful man!


6/15/07 11:21 A

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Jackie, just letting you know I'm thinking about you and keeping you and your mom in prayer. Keep us posted and take care of yourself.

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6/6/07 11:50 A

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Thank you Candace! Its hard to keep positive with so little information but Im doing my best!

Thank you Rose! I will check that site!!! I know there is information out there. Its just weeding thur the truth and the hype !!

Hope everyone has a great day!!

Jackie! emoticon

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6/6/07 9:34 A

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Jackie, was helpful when my sister was battling cancer. I remember feeling helpless, lost, and frightened. I wish you the best and strength to cope with each day!! Rose emoticon

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6/5/07 7:31 P

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Jackie, what a tough situation you are facing. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about that type of cancer (my DH has Lymphoma and my Dad had Lung cancer). I do know that attitude plays a HUGE role in how well cancer patients recover/maintain, etc. I would go online to the various cancer websites and just search for information. Sometimes, doctors don't like to give you as much info as you need, so you have to be very proactive. Good luck and my best to your family.


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6/5/07 6:16 P

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Well we got thur the surgery and now we are looking at the next step. I am so overwhelmed with all the information or lack of information I have. The doctor came to see me after surgery. I was the only one there when the surgery was over so I got the report. I tried to listen to what he said but everything went blurry after he said she did well during the surgery and she didnt need to be in intensive care. I also heard the liver was not effected. I didnt realize that the fluid he as speaking of made the situation worse. It was all so surreal!!! I thought things were better than anticipated, only to find out that wasnt the case!

My sister in law (who is a surgeon herself) spoke to the surgeon. When I saw her crying I realized things were not as I had thought. The prognosis does not seem good. They mentioned chemo but not much else.

I need to get all the information I can on her type of colon cancer as well as treatment options. Additionally, I would love any information on alternative treatment. Every avenue is going to be ventured down if it will help keep her here with us longer!!!

If anyone has any names of books that we can read or any website that give more detailed information, I would truly appreciate it!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

Jackie!! emoticon

Jackie Chatman, MA, NC
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Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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