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8/25/10 11:29 P

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emoticon Sorry to know that, but happy he found out and can get treatment. My son, Nathan, had Testicular Cancer last year & had surgery & 4 rounds of chemotherapy. He just had Cat Scans last week and found out that they are "clear", so we are thrilled, as he is only 26, but he certainly isn't "out of the woods" yet, as they will follow him for 10 years.

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7/31/10 6:49 P

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Hang strong and positive. Keep us posted and we'll be praying for you guys. This cancer boat is hard to row at times. Gets a little bumpy but we're all in there together and we'll keep each other from sinking.

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7/27/10 11:45 P

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Hi dear,

I fully understand your fears and confusion as my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Sept 2008 when he was only 50. We first went to a doctor at Presbyterian Dallas who only did the radical surgery where they cut the abdomen and recovery is a bit longer. While we were there, he mentioned a doctor at Baylor Dallas who does the robotic arthroscopic surgery where they put 3 or 4 slits in the belly and abdomen to remove the prostate.

Neither of us cared for the bedside manner of the first doctor so even though Ricky had set a date for the surgery, we talked after we got home about his choices. I have post polio syndrome (left leg) and have had several surgeries where he never had any so he was asking me questions along that line and was naturally afraid and nervous. When we met with Dr Shuford, we knew he was the one to do the surgery so Ricky called the other office and cancelled the surgery with them.

Ricky did a great deal of research online so he knew what all his options were. Here are some (what I can remember...some terms don't come to mind so will explain the best I can).

1) Radical surgery ~ belly cut open and prostate removed
2) Robotic arthroscopic surgery ~ prostate removed, minimal cutting
3) Radiation ~ the problem with radiation is if the cancer returns, you do not have the option of removing the prostate.. Ricky opted not to do this for that reason
4) Proton Therapy ~ a hospital in Loma Linda, CA and MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, TX, both do this. Here is a link that might help you understand better how it works:
5) Brachytherapy ~ radioactive seed implant

An older man I know in OH had the Brachytherapy done back in the 90s and has had no reoccurence of his cancer.

One of the elders where we go to church had prostate cancer around the same time Ricky did but he chose to have the radiation therapy because he didn't want to lose his "manhood"...which I think is pure bunk !!

I told Ricky whatever he chose, I would NEVER think less of him in any way, shape or form, all I wanted was for him to be alive. We married late in life and had only been married 5 yrs on 6 Sept 08...he was diagnosed around the 15th of that month.

Since we live in the Dallas area, he called the Anderson Hosp in Houston to try and get more information on the Proton Therapy and he talked with Dr Shuford about the different treatments, which is how we found out if he had radiation therapy and the cancer returned, he would not be able to have surgery to remove the prostate because the radiation weakens the tissue around the prostate so that surgery is no longer an option.

After much study, discussion and prayer, Ricky decided to have Dr Shuford do the robotic arthroscopic surgery. He said all he wanted was to know the cancer was out of him and didn't want to take the chance that with radiation, maybe they wouldn't get it all and then he couldn't have the surgery at all.

He had his surgery 10 Nov 2008 and was in the hospital for 2 days and home from work for 6 weeks. He did have to leave the catheter in for a week or two weeks (can't remember) to give the area time to heal properly. He goes back every 3 months to have a PSA check done and all have come back extremely low. The doctor prescribed Viagra so that part of life isn't over for you folks :)

Continue to research and learn what you can and if you don't like one doctor, go to another until you find someone you are comfortable with and have faith that they will do the best they can for you. There is also a doctor in FL, I believe, who does the robotic arthroscopic therapy and I'm sure there are others out there somewhere and my husband and I would highly recommend that if your husband opts for the surgery.

Stay positive but realistic about it all. Your husband will go through various emotions so don't take anything personally, just listen and be there for him. I told Ricky in the beginning that I would give him his space, as I knew he was very upset and needed some alone time but any time he wanted to talk, I was here for him. I held him when he cried and said he was afraid and I comforted him and prayed with him. We went through it together and I let him lean on me but only when he needed to so he could find the route he wanted to take in all this.

May God bless you and guide you through the days ahead. Sorry this is so long but I hope it helps to guide you a little.

~Carol emoticon emoticon

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7/27/10 4:43 P

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Welcome to the team. The word "cancer" is very scary, but some cancers are more treatable than others. Usually prostate cancer is one of those very treatable cancers. That does not mean that this battle will be easy for you and your husband, but offered to give you hope from statistics. You are both in my prayers. Keep us informed so we can support you both.

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7/27/10 4:36 P

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emoticon emoticon emoticon Glad you've joined us and please post often!

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7/27/10 4:30 P

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I'm new here. My husband just found out yesterday. (he's only 48) He/we have many decisions to make about treatment options. These decisions are very difficult and cause much anxiety. We just want to choose the best option for him.

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