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11/3/11 3:51 P

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Some gyms think its sweet that roller derby is coming back, at my gym they gave me a free membership as a sponsored athlete, so find out what they can do for you, ya'know? As long as you do a little something every day, you're bound to be all the better for it. As for the snacks, we all know we get the ravenous I want to eat what I want to eat stuff, and honestly, im not sure how to combat it. Id say were all getting in some exercise, but thats good. Thats why I made the 10 mins a day goal. :) Its simple. I do the time tracker like I explained below, to realize my mindless dumbass eating or what im doing that isnt so good nutrition wise. The SP tracker rocks for me. I highly reccomend it.

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11/2/11 8:11 P

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I really need to be more diligent about what I eat and about tracking my intake. It helped me lose weight when I joined SP, so I know it works for me. But lately, I just want to eat what I want to eat and then I don't want to take responsibility for it later!

As for working out, we are pretty much in our off-season. We had North Central Regionals and there has only been very loose practices since. Like, skater-led-handful-of-people-show-up type things. It's an hour for me to get down there, so I just can't muster the ambition when I know it's not going to be the level of work-out that I need. I skated a couple of Sundays ago for about 3 hours at an open-practice, non-league thing. It was fun. Our league is having a big scrimmage-a-thon Nov 19th and I'm skating for sure.

My work outs schedule varies, but this is the gist of it...

Mon- 4:30 Boot Camp (we do a lot of running in this one. it's a different trainer than the Friday class)
Weds- TRX/Kettlebell class
Thurs- Performance Fit (it's a class geared to athletes. Lots of agility, stop/start, sprint, etc)
Fri- 4:30 Boot Camp
Saturday- varies Either a boot camp at a different gym or a Kettlebell/agility class
Sunday- Still searching for the right thing. I haven't come up with anything I really like yet so I might switch my rest day to Sunday.

On Thursdays, I am sometimes the only person that shows up. When that happens we hit the weight room. I've never actually lifted "real" weights before, but it's pretty fun. The trainer is trying to get to me come to the gym he trains at and do some competitive power lifting. If they give me a really cheap rate, I might give it a go.

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11/2/11 9:16 A

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For me, I am continuing to track food on Sparkpeople. It helps me plan my meals and snacks for the day--and completely takes away my "chance" to just snack uncontrollably--because I already have a snack ready to go.

I am also trying to add outside of practice workouts back in to my life. I did a great job of this when our league took a couple of weeks off over the summer--then I hurt my back and had to really stop the strength training. Since I've gotten back in form, I just never got back in to the swing of workouts.

I felt so much stronger when I was doing them, but not when I dont have practice I just feel soooo lazy.

Viscious cycle...

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11/2/11 7:55 A

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right now, I am trying to nix a lot of the sweet stuff (ie. candy, junk food) and get back to eating more healthy foods. My goal for November is 30 minutes of non-skating activity a day... so far, I'm 2 for 2. As far as skating goes, I'm trying to hit up as many speed skating practices as I can, but this week I'm going to end up 0/2 due to schedule conflicts.

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11/1/11 2:53 P

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Hey guys! I just wanted to ask everyone what they are doing on a day to day basis to stay healthy. The off season is quickly approaching for my team so I want to be diligent at keeping at my fitness goals. I, personally, have been makign a time log, its very general, I just record what I do in spans of time so I can see where I should be making time for fitness.
Ex: 10am Wake up
Breakfast (eggwhites and orange juice)
12pm School
4pm gym
6pm computer
8pm dinner. (in your head youll be like OH EM GEE I spent 2 hours online and didnt eat dinner until 8, that sucks! But at least its brought to my attention!)
On the sides I have a handful of daily goals, such as 1. take a multivitamin 2. track food on sparkpeople 3. workout 10 mins at least outside of practice.
Personally, this rocks to me. Really keeps me on task. You see what your time is used for so as to manange it.
You guys, whats your program? How could I improve mine?

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