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4/24/13 12:33 P

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I started jogging 28 years ago, after my 3rd baby. I remember walk 4 minutes, jog 2 minutes for a 3 mile course. Over 8 weeks I increased it to jogging the whole time.

I read Jim Fixx's book and was I inspired. I think my fastest mile was 9 minutes. Now it's up to 19 minutes, but I do 4 miles about 4 times a week.

DH and I did Bloomsday, a 7.5 run in Spokane first Sunday in May 3 times, last time in 2008. I was 30 lbs lighter so it was easier on me.

Now I am just trying to loose weight.

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What got you involved in running? Why do you love it? Let's share stories and be an inspiration to our other members!

As for me, I was never, ever very athletic, and often quite sick as a child. What got me into running as an adult was my puppy, which you can see on my sparkpage. I knew that Basenjis require lots of exercise so when I got him, I was prepared for lots of walks, and I thought this would be good for me as well - kinda forces one to become fitter! Well, after awhile, walks were too boring and we started jogging a bit, not much, just a spurt of energy here, then walk, a spurt of energy there, then walk...

Well, after awhile of doing this the "spurts" of jogging became longer and longer as we both built up our stamina, and then one day, without even meaning to or thinking about it, I went around two whole blocks and completed the rectangle back to my house, which was exactly a mile - all jogging - the first time I hadn't stopped at all to walk. I didn't even mean to, it just happened! And then, we started increasing our distance until both me and my little basenji boy could go 5K in 30 mins (granted, I don't always take him because he slows me down by having to stop and sniff so much lol). But after that I got a dose of the competitive bug in me and ran my first real 5K at a school sponsored event. The next one is in June and I'm super excited about it! Sometimes I still can't believe - I never would have thought...ME, a runner? YOU BET I AM!

Share your stories with us! I'm sure lots of you are more advanced than me,and maybe some of you are just starting out; swapping our stories is a great inspirational way to motivate us to get our feet moving!

Lovemouse, team leader

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