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12/2/12 12:25 A

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All the above!! I'm so tired of feeling so-so, and there's my back is everything, isn't it??

12/1/12 8:03 A

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Ditto...Ditto...Ditto! Everything that has been listed for me!

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11/29/12 9:28 A

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Reply be healthy!

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11/23/12 1:39 P

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My reasons for losing:
1. To be healthy
2. To shop for clothes without embarassment
3. To put myself at the top of my priority list
4. To be a positive role model for my children and someday - grandchildren!

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11/23/12 10:03 A

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My reasons:
1. Maintain health.
2. Appearance in clothing (or out).
3. Confidence.
4. Mobility/ flexibility
5. Husband feels good about my size, too.
6. Healthy skin.
7. Better sleep.
8. Stress relief.
9. Anger management
10. Walking the talk!

Since I choose to EAT right and DRINK right, I suppose you could say I LIVE right!

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11/21/12 3:06 P

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11/21/12 2:15 P

My reasons are: To live a healthier life, as health insurance and everything that goes with it continues to climb, I want to stay away from doctors.

To be able to enjoy my grand children and watch them grow.

I'm originally from Louisiana. I now live in San Antonio.

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11/21/12 12:46 P

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11/19/12 9:25 A

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On Plan, On the Go!

Perhaps provide reminders to yourself on your calendar or where ever you track when you have upcoming events to remind you so that you aren't going overboard for days prior to the event to allow yourself a little more wiggle room as they say for the event itself.

Bring an OP recipe to the social gathering to make sure that there is at least one thing that is Points+/Calorie Friendly.

Remind yourself that you are in social gathering season by moving the appropriate clothing to the front of your closet.

You be the one to run out for whatever has been forgotten...don't forget to bring your sneakers! :-)

YOUR REASONS FOR LOSING: They can motivate you all year long!

There are times during this journey when we need to look back as to why we started it because we lose motivation, we seem to be going the wrong way on the scale, or we simply lose track of what we are doing it for. It may be that we simply want to be healthier.

The Whys of Weight Loss/Some ideas to kick-start your own list of reasons:

CLOTHING - Sometimes we notice that they are getting a little snug and we started this journey because we want them to fit better. We want to be more stylish or just want to feel more comfortable in what we are wearing. Sometimes, it's a simple as we don't want to spend the money on new clothing right now.

PHYSICAL ABILITY - Sometimes we notice that we just can't do the things we used to or don't have the same stamina that we once did, we can't keep up with our children, try new activities, etc. I know for me when my weight changes, I can feel it in my joints. Right now because I am heavier, I can feel it in my ankles and knees.

HEALTH - There are so many health conditions that come with being overweight, possibly high blood pressure/cholesterol, suffer from indigestion, heart disease, etc. These can decrease sometimes with weight loss.

SMOOTH MOVES - You may be unable to fit comfortably in an airplane seat or rides at an amusement park with your children or grandchildren. It could be that you simply want more energy in your day to day life.

PSYCHOLOGICAL - By losing, you may feel more self confident, be a good role model to your children and grandchildren, improve your mood, enjoy the food that you do eat more and feel like having more fun!

Let's be honest, sometimes during this journey, our reasons for wanting to lose change. I know mine certainly did. I was just miserable and unhappy with myself and in my own skin. Initially I started because I wanted to lose and be happy in my own skin. Now, I want to lose to be around longer for my family, not just be happy in my own skin. Although, admittedly, that would be awesome!


Sometimes you find that some of the reasons are more powerful than other reasons.

Short term vs. Long Term

"I want to look good for _______." We all have one of those kind of things/events in our lives. Whether it's a wedding, reunion, etc., we all want to look better for that event. We need to plan for the long term as well, not just the short term. As such, you need a long term reason. How about "I want to live long enough to see my grandchildren get married." or "I want to be around for my ___ reunion." Obviously, these are just example and can be changed to suit your own situation.

External vs. Internal

Focus on what you want for yourself, not what you see of someone else's body, etc. If you want it for someone else, it's going to be quite hard to obtain. At least that's what I have found for myself.

Negative vs. Positive

It can sometimes be hard not to focus on what you don't want. You don't want to sit out of all the activities that you so much want to be a part of or you don't want to feel frustrated in your own skin, etc. But you need to flip it around so that you are not always putting it in a negative context so that it will be more appealing and something that you will want to do. Negative thinking will cause you to feel like you are forced to do something and will be something you don't want to do.


What's on Your Top 10 List?

Why do you want to get fit? If you want to get fit, it helps if you actually know why you want to do it. Perhaps jot down your reasons and it may just rekindle your commitment to yourself! Put your list in a safe place so you can find it when you need a shot of motivation!

Fitness Expert Jennifer Cohen lists her 10 reasons:

1. Feel stronger physically and mentally
2. Increase my self confidence
3. Have more energy
4. Feel more alert and focused
5. Be more productive
6. Fit into certain clothes I like
7. Boost my mood
8. Sleep better
9. Help myself make more conscientious food choices
10. Feel more capable in my life

What about your top 10 reasons for getting fit?

Take Care and God bless,

Tracey W.

From: Dallas, TX and in Central Standard Time

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