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3/18/18 2:21 A

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Something similar here: 12hr or 24hr 1mile loops.


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2/11/18 4:08 P

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That run is very physically demanding. It reminds me of the track race in which I participated when attending university. It was the Runner's World 24 hour relay. Participants were on a 10-person team with each running one mile and then handing the baton off to the next team member. We did this for 24 hours around the university track. We ended up doing 271 miles in the 24 hour period and won. We slept and ate when we could but mostly rested for our turn. I think there were 15 or so teams that started and perhaps 5-6 that finished.

It was grueling, and I ended up with bursitis in the knee and was off for about 3 weeks from running. Unforgetable.

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10/18/16 9:48 A

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June: Yep, that's way too long without sleep for me. Some participants only do a couple laps though. I guess ability levels vary widely. I too find the race format intriguing but of course wouldn't have any illusions about winning it. That's for the really crazy people. :)

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10/17/16 7:13 P

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49 loops in 2014? That is 2 days without sleep !!

While I wouldn't do a race like that to try to win, it appeals to me. I like variety, it is a different way to motivate getting out and running in a group.

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10/17/16 5:17 P

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That's worse than an ultra! emoticon

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10/17/16 4:45 P

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I read about a very different sort of running event this past weekend. Lazarus Lake, the man behind the sadistically difficult Barkley Marathons, organizes an event in October that starts in his backyard, the Big Dog Backyard Ultra. It's a 4.17 mile loop. Everyone has 1 hour to complete the loop. Then every hour on the hour, they have to do it again. There's no need to be the fastest runner at all. However, if you finish a loop in 45 minutes, then you have 15 minutes to recuperate before starting the next loop since everyone starts each loop at the same time. If you take 59 minutes, you'll be heading right back to the starting line for the next loop. If you take over an hour, you're out. The race continues to the "last man standing".

Those are the basics. The details include that the first 12 laps are a trail run loop with somewhere close to 600 vertical feet of ascending (equal amount of descending of course) per loop. I'm sure that makes the just under 15 min/mile required pace a whole lot harder. The next 12 laps are on a road, out and back. Then it's back to the trail.

This year it "only" took 29 loops to determine the winner. In 2014 it took 49 loops (over 200 miles!) and no one officially won because the last two people dropped on the same lap. The race is often described as a Death March.

I found a similar though easier sounding race that takes place in California. They do a 6 mile course and have 90 minutes to do it for a 4mph pace. It's easier because there's a lot less climbing, about 200 ft per six miles. It's appropriately called The 4mph Challenge. Ability levels range from people there to do 1 or 2 laps to people hoping to do 100+ miles.

Would you try a race in this format if the distance per lap and pace seemed reasonable? Does it sound like fun, or does it sound like some kind of torture possibly leading to injury?

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