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2/20/15 7:08 P

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Thanks so much LIVE2RUN4LIFE that is very helpful. You're right about the estimation of the magic mile. I will run one and get a more accurate idea. Thanks for helping with the ratios. I guess I week keep my 5K pace as I have been doing and start with the slower pace for any mileage longer than that. Thanks again for your help

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2/20/15 6:22 P

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Have you done a Magic Mile recently? It would probably be a good idea to do one again, especially if you are estimating your MM from your 5K race times. It is easier to sustain your "best pace" for one mile than it is for 3 miles. So your current MM may be faster than you think.

Start using this pace for your long run. I know right now you don't really have a long run, but switching to a slower pace for your designated long run, even though it isn't very long yet, will make it much easier (and safer) to start adding distance to the run you've decided to develop into your long run.

As for intervals, experimenting is probably the way to go. I'd probably start with :15/:90, since with the times at the bottom of the chart, he seems to be adjusting the ratio by 15 seconds for each 1 minute change in pace. So to slow down from 16 to 19 (three minutes), that would be a 45 second adjustment to the ratio. :15/:90 results from taking 15 seconds from the run and adding 30 seconds to the walk for the recommending ratio for a 16 minute mile. But that's just a theory. Experimenting with it is the best way to go.

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2/20/15 1:19 P

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I have been running 3-4 miles 3 times a week at my 5K pace which is 13:30 per mile. Magic mile is about 13:20. Galloway method says my training pace for 10k and half should be 19:30 mi. As I start preparing, when do I switch to the slower pace? And also, his chart only goes up to 16 min. Mi. Anyone know the run/walk ratio for 19:30?

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