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Hi HAPPYHOMEGIRL, have a great race!

About pace groups and the way they work. Basically, they are pretty informal in that you have one or two (usually two) people who have agreed to maintain a set pace throughout the race. They usually carry signs on poles so that they are easy to see. Runners can choose to use them however they want. Some will join a tight group behind the pacers and do exactly what they do. Others will just keep an eye on them and use them to help with pacing, more from "afar." But since there will always be lots of runners in the vicinity of the pace groups who are just running their own race, there is absolutely no problem if a runner who is sticking more or less with the group passes the leader. They won't care. Just don't cut runners off (this is true of the pace group too. Race etiquette says that the pace group shouldn't bunch up so much that they block the path of other runners).

I don't know if the Disney race pace groups use walk breaks, but I doubt very much that they do. The only races I know for sure that use them are the Breast Cancer Marathon (Jeff is one of the founders of that race) and Jeff's new Half Marathon. The fact that the pace groups use walk breaks is pretty heavily advertized in these races, so if you haven't seen anything, I doubt that the Disney race uses them.

You can still use the pacers, however, to help you pace your race. You just won't be able to join the tight group and thus won't be able to chat with them as you go. Pick the pace group that matches your average pace. You will be playing leap frog with them for most of the race, but that's not a problem. You'll be playing leap frog with all the runners in the race who aren't using walk breaks. Just be careful, as I mentioned above, not to block anyone when you take your walk breaks.

Have fun!!

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For anyone who has run a Disney Race,
I'm doing my first Half at Disney Princess Half Weekend. I will be in the last corral because this being my first. I know there are Pace Runners for what ever time you want to finish in. My question is who do I follow? I know Jeff Galloway is a part of Run Disney so will there be Pace Runners running with walk breaks? It is usually easier to run in a "group", but what if my run/walk pace is different or what if I am actually faster?
If you join a Pace group can you pass the pace runner if you are actually going faster? I'm not sure how this all works. Who knows, I may be the slowest runner after all but what if I'm not! lol
They say you can talk to the Pace runners at the Expo and get a "pace" bracelet so I'm just not sure of the etiquette.

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