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1/5/14 10:02 P

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I thought I would save myself if I started at the rear, distance.didn't matter. Now, I start pretty much to the right side in the first 10 yards of the start. If it's a half, I start in the 8/9 minute pace group. I played with it a long time until I found I was holding myself back. I feel pretty good about finding my "zone" now!

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12/14/13 12:43 P

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My first races I lined up at the 10 minute per mile pace, which is really what I was aiming for. However, I found that when I lined up that far back I was blocked and had to run around and through a lot of people. Now I line up near the beginning of the nine minute mile pace or end of the 8 minute.

In the small 10K race I ran in today there were no pace marks nor corrals. I just started about half way back as I'm usually right in the middle of the pack. I usually stay to the right when I do walk breaks. Today there were other people around me talking walk breaks before I did so it was no problem.

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12/3/13 3:53 P

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Thanks for the ideas and hints--will try gliding into the walk next time, that might work a bit better.

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12/2/13 6:39 A

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Good question....

Size of the race does matter.

I, too, glance over my shoulder when my run segment has ended to make sure no one is directly behind me. I've done both - run with the crowd or tried to start my walk breaks right away. It just depends on how big the race is. Scattered starts do help.

It can be frustrating at the beginning of a race to get around and through the crowd.

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12/1/13 3:38 P

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Most of the races I do either have corrals by pace or signs indicating where to line up by pace. I line up in the vicinity of the sign for the average pace I expect to maintain. If the race is very crowded at the start, I often (briefly) delay taking the first walk break until the crowd thins. I like to line up along the side of the crowd so that it is easy to take the walk break, when I do. I always glance over my shoulder first to make sure no one is right behind me. Sometimes I jump up on the curb to walk if it is very crowded.

For short races without corrals, I try to line up according to my expected run segment pace. That way, I'm running at relatively the same pace as those around me when I am running and I just get out of their way when I am walking. I do not line up in the back for the very reasons you cite. I have found that I can stay out of people's way if I keep my eye on runners in my vicinity, especially once the crowd thins out a bit.

Also, in very crowded races, gliding into the walk break can help, i.e. slowing down more gradually rather than stopping abruptly.

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12/1/13 2:51 P

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When doing the run/walk/run where do you place yourself at the beginning of the race? I find I'm either weaving in and out of walkers, or in the way of runners. Do you run a few minutes to get clear of the bunch then go into intervals? I've tried being in the back and to the side, either way it's a bit frustrating and I end up running for quite a few minutes before settling into my intervals. I know it'll be different in every race but does anyone have a preference?

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