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1/17/11 6:41 A

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the old theory was "Do it the same time everyday". You very rarely see that anymore. Now its all about muscle and metabolic confusion. Doing your workouts different times of the day, using body weight one-day, free weights the next, long,slow cardio one day, then short, fast cardio the next. One day your a vegetarian, the next a carnivore. Get the idea??

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1/16/11 7:07 P

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Theory sounds vaguely plausible but then again these things sometimes run counter to intuition. Have you done a search on 'best time to exercise' on SP to see if it's mentioned in articles?
I have a feeling most of us have to go with what time is convenient, regardless of what is 'best'.
If I workout in the morning then I feel I have 'done my bit' for the day and tend to slack off. If I don't, I tend to bounce around a bit and do more incidental walking. Then at the end of the day, I can still flog myself in a workout because I know that afterwards I'll have a shower, snack and bed. Hence later in the day seems to be better for me.

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1/16/11 12:17 P

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I was wondering what people's theories was on the best time to get in a workout was. I'm not talking about the most convenient for you, but if there was a time, such as morning, afternoon, evening, that was most beneficial.

For me, I'm in a weight loss phase, having between 20-30lbs to lose. I have a theory that if I do my cardio as soon as I wake up (5am) then my metabolism is kicked into gear earlier in the day, and so I in theory will burn more calories and fat during the day. Not that it's working any better, but that's the theory. I can definitely tell that I'm STARVING for breakfast earlier if I do my 5am cardio.

What do other men think on this?

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