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12/13/14 9:23 A

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Not necessarily massive ego' specific, has been there 11 yrs so she really does know the job but she forgets what it's like to be new, and she won't train us fully so she can keep her precious title of technician of the year...she can be really hateful at times, some of our cashiers are scared to ask her questions or even got to her for help with insurance because of her nasty remarks....sadly she can get away with it because our manager has her on a pedestal and thinks she does no wrong..

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9/7/12 8:06 A

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My negativity comes from my lead at the time I moved to deli cause when you never do anything right and you get called names like a liar you didn't do that but she don't have to do anything but stand around look pretty her statement not mine and then have you do her job for her it's like uh no I got plenty of my own to do mind ya I was bread person in bakery she thinks you can package the bread in 30 minutes and have break outs done in 30 minutes she never done it never had to do it refuses to do it and donuts boy I wished I could refused to everything she expected from me without making me feel like my time was just there to hear how sorry I was how my family gets in my way I couldn't speak to others in my department or out of it with being told to shut my face I just felt humiliated the last year I couldn't take it no more it was either they moved me or I quit their choice every time she saw my mom in the store shopping it made for a bad day for me she was my ride to work if she was still in town at my lunch time she would come uP and ask me if I went to lunch write up I get I'm just tired of it but of course I loved my job till she came along I just walked out one day cause she told me I was lying every time I turned around her husbands a cop she called him up there to try to get me introuble he has no dealings with me I didn't do anything wrong but she was claiming I was threading to hit her I'm not even a violent person I didn't let her provoke me further I walked out her husband can't do anything to me it's managment she called managment up there when the husband showed up before my manager she told my manger things was under control no longer needed he walked off said ok thanks man I took the rest of the day off I couldn't be around her I was so upset that I was treated that way i was sick to my stomach vomiting I never felt more ridiculed in my life I finally got my transfer a year later that is what I call disrespect I told her I always treated her with respect shoot when she had nobody I was always there she could count on me even though she treated me that why my positive energies was its my store too make my customers happy and I did and been in the department a year before she came along I knew everything but managment I had to do the bread and donuts same shift time then also hear about how slow I am exPected me to have bread and donuts broke out package and on shelf in 2 hours I said no one could do it that fast to where I could stock the rest the day or do mark down and donations on top of all that was a regular day for me if you asked her to help out she would act like she never heard you but she leaves on time but writes you up for staying later like I have a choice why I about quit she was having me pull 4a-4p shifts for like 3-5 days straight you want to talk about tired I wAs after this started happening my weight lose started changing to gaining cause I was stress eating trying not keep something in my mouth to keep from saying something I would be in the office for again I got wrote up for takings a bag back to birthday isle and going to bathroom on my way back from break and took bag before but they said I was gone for 9 minutes I need to watch my time I was thinking I walked bag acrossed the floor couldn't find it in that area went and looked at the clearance to see if it was there but they had to look at video camera footage for 9 lousy minutes that's rediculous but I'm away from here my lead I have now works as hard as we do I start Sunday that my home away from home in the evenings when they have a gap I'm the fill in I can cut meat cheese and hot case and cook foods make salads and sandwhiches I've done it all so it's not like I'm going to a place not knowning I been helping over there for 2 years I believe that you teach people how to treat you and I treat people how I like to be treated not rude or disrespectful and my goal at Walmart to make feel like a great employee is to do the best of my ability and if my best is all I can do and I want the customers happy and the store happy with our department but one person can't do it alone it takes a team we don't have a team as good as we used to because she divided us everyone left you would think they would've seen why people are quitting over there we had 6 diffrent people come in and transferred of quit in the last 6 months she will be there a year in dec. and the sad thing it they only left cause of our lead not able to tolerate the negativity or the lying on us she does it's sad when she not like that she is ok tolerable but she was mad that this was my last week so for punishment I was told I was terrible stocker terrible at taking cake orders and my family needs to leave me alone my mom hadn't even been up there in 2 weeks but said she needs to go away and she was telling me my son couldn't get his permit for driving replaced because he had to go get a form on another day to get it replaced

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I do the best I can from now on my life is mine I want to be a healthy nana I can only control that I'm back And I'm doing the done girl and I am going to be a turbo fire hottie with the blazing blue team i am a positive thoghtful person who cares about others And my family sherry wilson

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5/26/11 6:00 P

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I ignore the negative comments. Try to find the positive and if there is a lot of negative talk in the break room I suddenly have to go to the bathroom or make a call from my car.

It keeps me sane and I from forming bad opinions about people I haven't worked with yet.

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Psalms 31:24 "Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD."

Ecclesiastes 4:12 "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

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5/6/11 10:41 A

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I just try to do my work. I have alot of negative people in my department too. And it is hard not to be negative with them around. But I try not to be.

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5/4/11 1:49 P

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I work in the Garden Center and for the most part my fellow associates are a great bunch of folks to work with.

However, there are one or two that can never seem to say anything positive and I feel like they are trying to convert me to their negative way of looking at things. There is also an associate from a different department who is continually trying to convince me that one day I will hate my job.

I always try to convey a positive attitude at work and I genuinely enjoy what I do and I want our department to be the best it can be. But, it can be difficult to maintain my positivity when confronted or partnered with a negative person.

What do you do to maintain your positive attitude?

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