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1/28/14 10:18 A

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I wrote a blog about my goals for the year (

In summary:

1. Put myself first. Focus on doing things that make me feel good.
2. Create (and follow) a debt repayment plan that has me out of debt within 3 years. Debt is a major source of stress for me, so this one is important.

#2 is proving to be a lot harder than #1.

Behaviours I want to work on to support those goals:

1. I want to develop a healthy relationship with food. Right now, for me, this means two major things ó eating without distractions, and choosing foods that really nourish my body, 80% of the time, with the other 20% being those special indulgences. Iím currently working on a dairy free, gluten free, sugar free diet. I had a food sensitivity analysis done before Christmas, and dairy and sugar seem to be big stressors for my body. Gluten less so, but will try eliminating all 3 items for 30 days to see how I feel.
2. Figuring out a way to move my body that I enjoy. In the past, Iíve tried to force myself to attend exercise classes, which are basically torture for me. I absolutely hate the cheerleading and shouting and group stuff. So Iím not doing that anymore. I like to play sports ó thatís my favourite way of moving. But playing sports every day isnít very practical for my lifestyle ó volleyball once a week is the most I can manage. I used to run, and I really liked it until I decided to make it about pace and distance and improvement. Then I got frustrated and quit because I wasnít good at running. Iím going back to running. Without tracking distance, time, or anything else. I will run because it makes me feel good to do it. And once I get my shoulder pain under control, I will be back to lifting weights. I love the feeling of strength.
3. Having fun. There are small ways of having fun for free or cheap, every day.
4. Moving towards the life I want for myself.
5. Giving up things that donít make me feel good, even if they seem like a good idea. For me, this includes weighing and measuring myself, tracking my food (other than perhaps to see if there are relationships between how I feel and what I eat) or tracking my exercise.
6. Slowing down. I move through everything really quickly. And I think that makes me get frustrated and quit.

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1/24/14 10:25 A

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Spark People has been for me a big experiment. Try different things and if they work... put them in my "tool box" and if they don't, either throw them out or put them aside to try later. I wil continue to try different things.

Last year I started the writing diet and from that I learned that writing morning pages is really good for me to control the "monkey chatter" or things that distract me. They may be worries or negative self talk or the distractions of life. By writing in the mornings I can "focus" myself, remind myself of what I'm grateful for.
I also posted an "I Matter" list on my fridge of basic things that I know if I do, will make me feel better, so I'll keep referring to that list when I slip up or when I want to confirm that I'm on the right track.
After many years I have decided "clean eating" works for me so I will continue to look for new recipes to add to my tool box, ones that work because they are easy or I love them or they work well to freeze and have as plan B meals when I find myself unmotivated or unable to stick to the plan for that day.
I'll continue to try and ask myself the 4 questions when I want to eat something not on my clean eating list..... 1. Am I hungry? 2. Is this what I really want to eat? 3. Is this what I really want to eat NOW? and 4. Is there a better choice? I am not good at journaling about why I eat but I am on the evening sabatoge team and am working on this.
Not snacking at night while still looking after my diabetes is a continueing experiment.
Last year I learned that I don't get high blood sugars any longer but I do get low blood sugars so I need to keep working on being prepared and thinking ahead and monitering that. I need to communicate with my doctor (need a new doctor) about reducing my meds.
I am on the woo hoo team that is so fantasic for keeping me motivated and positive.
It helps to have a big goal, so I want to do a canoe trip this summer and that means having a strong core and arms so to be prepared I have agreed to an abs 30 day challenge (on day 5 today) and will look for continued challenges to meet that goal so I do not feel like the "weakest link" or endanger the people I care about on the trip.
I don't set "weight" goals because I have no control over weight loss but will continue to "battle the dragon" to not eat sugars which for me trigger cravings (clean eating bores my food dragon), not overeat (which stretches my stomach and makes me the dragon delight in giving me hunger pains for weeks after) or not mindless eat (where my dragon is very cunning and convinces me I can have just one bite or I have missed a trigger food).
I will continue to be active every day with the help of my spark activity tracker and gradually increase my walking step goals (love that it is waterproof so I can wear it in the pool) and cold proof so I can wear it snow shoeing, use my new elliptical and try and walk at least 10 minutes and preferable at least 20 minutes a day.
Continue to fix up my house (repairs, declutter and maintenance).
Run my B&B the best that I can. Perhaps start an aquafit class here.
Make "dates" with friends and family and people I care about through out the year.

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1/22/14 9:41 P

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I thought I'd put this out there... we're nearing the end of January and I wanted to check in to see what goals our team members have for this year.

Please share with us what you are 'going for' this year!

Me - well as I said in another post - 2013 was tough for me as a single mom so my own self-care got put on the back burner and with the NEW year - I have made a decision that I need to put it back ON as a priority! I need to be healthy and happy to be the best mom I can be to two teen girls - each going through some very difficult things.

I also have many aspirations... if you read my blogs (I blog pretty much daily) you will see what I mean.

I'd love to hear from other team members about their goals so we can help each other reach them in a BIG way!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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