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3/26/12 11:03 A

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Thanks everyone! I wish cod was on the list because it's the fish I mostly eat. Oh well.

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3/23/12 4:52 P

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Fish from Alaskan cold waters that are line-caught are the best and least toxic.
Meat raised here in the US that has been nurtured through sustainable methods (organic, grass-fed, pastured) is far more healthy for us and for our planet than anything from another country.

Yes, all meats found in supermarkets on Styrofoam trays wrapped in plastic is BAD!! It's full of toxic stuff and the poor animals are subjected to severe abuse.

Some seafood is okay.

Here are some websites that give you info on what seafood is safe to eat:

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3/23/12 4:41 P

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I've cut back on seafood simply because of the price. Also DH hates everything except lobster and crab.

I recently read an article on safe and sustainable fish and put the list on my phone:

Barramundi - US farmed
Dungeness crab - west coast wild
London squid - US Atlantic wild
Rainbow trout - farmed
Mussels - farmed
Artic Char - farmed
salmon - Alaska wild
Oysters - farmed
Pacific sardines - wild from Wild Planet or Wild Pacific
Albacore tuna - wild from Wild Planet or Wild Pacific

I think the link came from an Organic Consumers email. Here in Colorado, most of our local fish is contaminated. In the mountains the contamination is from old mines and on the plains from farms and other polluters. Canned fish is about all my budget can handle these days and not much of that until the BPA is gone.

I'm in the process of cleaning out the freezer so that I can buy organic grass fed beef from our local ranchers. I've got a few things planted in the garden and will add more after the frost danger has passed. It would be nice to have chickens too...maybe some day. The city still bans pigs, so would have to move.

One rancher that provides organic beef for our RAW dog group said the big beef companies are buying up all the beef herds when they can convince ranchers to sell. They did the same in the 90's with dairy cows to drive up the price of milk. It's important to buy locally when you can. It's the only way we'll be able to get control of our food supply.

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3/23/12 3:30 P

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Wow! I think eventually all the toxins are going to run full circle and effect all food. Yuck! For now, I eat local seafood. And I suppose lake trout would be a better choice than something from the sea. But I really love my sockeye salmon. I buy from BC coastline. But sounds like eventually it may spread to everything.
Gonna grow a garden and raise some chickens and pigs. lol


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3/23/12 1:00 P

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It's a huge concern! Especially shellfish.
I live on the west coast and can get fresh, local fish. Even so I limit my intake.

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3/23/12 12:43 P

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I don't know if it has been discussed here, but with all the radiation over in Japan (Fukshima - did I spell that right) and the oil in the's affecting the seafood. And from what I've been following over in the Pacific is that that whole radiation thing and the continuous earthquakes goingz on over there in Japan will only get worse. The plants are burning deeper into the Earth each and everyday and they can't stop it or won't stop it. The waters are affected of course and it's annoying because I only eat fish and chicken...beef in America I run from it like the plague...and my mentor (who is totally obsessed with the Fukshima stuff) is telling me not to eat fish period. To like just give it up because it's all full of radiation. Indonesia, China...everywhere over there in the Pacific and Asia are affected...even the West Coast. Ani I know you're in Oregon...can you shed some light on this?

Anybody give up fish or taking precautions?


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