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6/2/09 2:43 P

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I think as you start eating clean, you develop less of a tolerance for salty foods. I also have less of a tolerance for sweets.

This weekend, at a baseball game, my hubby was eating a hot dog. He insisted I take a bite of his wonderful delicious hot dog...yeah I know, gross! So I took a tiny bite just to show him I'm not a total health nut and I can live on the wild side LOL. It tasted unbelievably salty! There is no way I could of eaten one! I asked him if it tasted salty and he said no.

I can really taste my food now. This wasn't so when I was filling my body full of garbage.

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6/2/09 1:40 P

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I'm like y'all - no added salt necessary. But there are a lot of people who just don't seem to enjoy their food without it. I imagine that is why it was once a form of currency. It is really that valuable to some folks! (If they only knew how deadly...)

Don't you just hate it when someone shakes salt all over their meal - esp. if you made it - without even tasting it first?!?!?

I'm just saying... Kelley

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6/2/09 6:21 A

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I use very little salt myself except in the actual cooking process. I always use less then half of what the recipes calls for though. I've tried to not use it at all, but my hubby noticed it right away and made a fuss about it, so I gave in a little and now use it sparingly. I also never add any salt after cooking the food and only keep a salt shaker because hubby insist. *eyeroll* He has no idea that I use sea salt instead of the regular stuff, you can't taste a difference.

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6/1/09 10:05 P

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I don't know if anyone noticed or not, but i oretty much OMIT the added salt in all my recipes. If there IS salt, it is only in the recipe, not in my food.
I started doing this because I really don't need the salt for flavor in my food, and rarely do you need salt for anything else in a recipe. Sometimes it is used to help set baked goods that rise (such as cookies, cakes and bread). But, I have found that if I never add it, I never need to. Most store bought, pacjaged foods and restaraunt food all tastes too salty. Who needs it.
Sea salt too. There is enough naturally occuring sodium in food, that I find that there really is no reason to use salt or sea salt in anything.
I guess the exception would be if you were making pickles or something (YUCK! LOL!)
Sea salt really does have about the same amount of sodium as regular table salt, it has just not had the nutrients stripped from it...


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