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6/2/09 11:46 A

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I agree change it up, once you stop losing... You need to change something!

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ELIZABETH980 Posts: 42
6/1/09 10:25 A

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If you google Jamie Eason Workout and click on the second link (
on_true_beauty2.htm) It should give you her playing card workout. She said it really helped her get the last bit of her weight off. I've tried it a few times. Never been able to get all the way through.

Good luck.

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5/31/09 10:27 P

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change your exercise routine--add interval training
change your food -- try vegetarian for a week
change your sport-- go dancing, play tennis

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5/31/09 4:01 P

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I've been losing but very slowly. I'll lose a pound then gain 1/2 a pound. This week I'm down 1-1/2 lbs and I fully expect to be up 1/2 again. I'm hoping I'm wrong. Building muscle could be part of why the scale isn't cooperating. I hope that's the case. Anyway, it looks like it's a common thing. That makes me feel better. I've been trying hard. But I'll admit - I could have done some of those video's twice. This month I'll pay more attention to by body and less to how many I'm "supposed" to do.

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5/31/09 3:00 P

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I'm right there with you. I'm up seven pounds from my lowest point which was only 3 pounds from my ultimate goal so now I have 10 pounds to lose. I was pretty happy at 138 so I'd be happy to lose between 5 and 7 pounds, but I seem to be stuck. I'm trying to be much more diligent about counting my calories and working out consistently especially my strength training because that will help me lose inches. My motivation is all the pants I bought last year for the new improved me that are just a tad too tight right now.....At less then 5' 5" every pound makes a difference!!

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5/31/09 12:47 P

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Hang in there. When your body is closest to it's "natural" weight, it gets harder to lose the weight but that's actually a positive because that means you no longer have a lot of unwanted fat to lose! Also remember that what you are doing w/workouts & healthy eating is so very healthy on the inside. If your clothes are fitting nicely, you're looking more toned & are feeling energized, maybe don't pay as close attention to the scale. It can create a negative affect on your mindset because you'll be more focused on what's not happening than what is - which is creating a healthy body. A couple of yrs ago after the birth of my 2nd child I did "Body For Life" (I now call it Body for 12 wks because that's how long it lasted emoticon ) but during those 12 wks, I did cardio & strength training 6 days a week w/a very regimented eating plan ("cheating" was only allowed once a week) and after 12 wks, I had lost about 15" overall and was back down to my size 7 pants but amazingly I only lost 2.5 lbs. That was actually discouraging to me because I was 10 lbs from my goal weight but what that did was rather than celebrate my new healthy, fit body, I remained focused on those 10 lbs. So shift your focus to all positive & maybe those last 7 will come off, maybe not but if you are fit & healthy, that's all that matters. emoticon

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5/31/09 11:41 A

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Diet is more important than exercise, especially the closer you get to your ideal weight. You will need to be very diligent about tracking your food intake accurately. Don't try to be too aggressive. Just create a slight calorie deficit and expect slower weight loss.

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5/31/09 11:24 A

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Make sure you pay attention to your metabolism. Exercise and strength train more than normal, and add some interval or circuit training. Try exercising in the morning and being active throughout the day. Eat 5-6 small meals per day, and get the recommended amounts of protein, fats, and carbs. I'm about 5 pounds from my goal weight, AHEAD OF SCHEDULE, and I'm so excited!!!

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5/31/09 11:00 A

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I'm right along with you two! I've been at the same weight for the past two months. I'm five pounds away from my goal. I've been eating ok. I have to admit my fitness programs have not been consistent every week over the past two months because of work - never know from day to day what's going to happen and have to stay late. Then I feel too wiped to go to the gym. Well, this past week, I went six days a week. On three of those days, I did strength training for an hour. On all six days, I did 35 minutes of cardio. I finally lost a pound! I'm hoping if I do this again next week, I might lose another pound. If not, I may need to read up on plateau busters to find out what I need to do get off this plateau.

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5/31/09 10:59 A

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A few things I have learned around sparks, is of course as you get closer to goal it gets harder to lose. SOme things you can do it double check your information. If you are exercising more you might need to change your range for calories. Yes Eating too little can keep you from losing wieght! Most think I just eat less and I will lose but it does nnot work that way you need to have balance. SO you might not be eating enough!!
Or on the flip side you think you are eating with in range but you have stopped tracking. Track for a week and see if you really are in range or are there small things sneaking in that you did not realize!!:)

Also try to change up your work outs. If you do interval work outs try non interval and visa versa!
Your body gets use to what you are doing and will adjust!!! Even changing the time of day you work out can help!
Also you all seem to have been active before this bootcamp. Did you do the bare minimum of the boot camp or did you actaully push your self. You may have needed to do more that one rep of each exercise.
For example at the beginning of the boot camp I could barely do each exercise even with out a band!. By week 4 I was using the advance bands doing the more challenge alternitives. I would even do some two times because I could feel one time through was not giving me that burn.
Good luck and hang in there!!!

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5/31/09 10:53 A

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I had three months of vigourous exercise without any significant changes. Unfortunately, I got disgusted and quit exercising all together. I took a break for six weeks and am now going to restart. It was my stubborness. Not the approach to take because now I have to motivate myself more to get motivated again.

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5/31/09 10:49 A

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sometimes plateus last a month or more--so much a bummer. just keep at it and eventurally you will hit a drops again. i will often do a short burst of vigorous exercise and then slow down and repeat and sometimes that will kick start a loss. example- i am on the treadmill for 35 min so i will do 5 to 10 min at 3 miles per hour and then boost it up to 4 miles OR do an incline of 5% for 3 to 5 min and then repeat until the end of my time. or if walking outside i will walk at a 3 mile per hour rate, then do a jog for 2 or 3 min and then repeat the slower pace, also adding the poles for walking will boost your metabolism. best of luck to you all

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5/31/09 10:18 A

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I'm with you ladies here. I'm 50 so I attribute some of the issues of losing these last 5 pounds to that and peri-menopause. I fluctuate my calories to try and get things going, I've exercised more but the only I've not been able to do which I can now incorporate (surgery in January) is weight training. So I'm going to work on that the month of June to see what I can do to kick the metabolism in and lose these final few pounds. It does get a bit disheartening for me as well.

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5/31/09 10:14 A

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I'm having the same problem. I'm 7 pounds from my goal and I've been holding there for weeks now. I thought this bootcamp was what I needed, but I didn't get the results I was expecting. I get in 6 days for cardio (minimum of 30 min a day), I strength train, and I eat within my calorie range, but still no results.

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5/31/09 10:07 A

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I've been exercising quite a bit for the past month and I am seeing very little results (on the scale and in measurements).

I'm just ten pounds away from my goal (and 5 pounds away from the "ideal" weight for a person who is 5'9").

What do I need to do to make sure I lose those last ten?

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