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1/11/15 6:59 P

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I've lived in some places in Asia where people really don't have a concept of right-of-way, and law enforcement is not very strict about making people follow the rules, and people don't have to train for their licenses. You have to drive very aggressively there to even be safe or to get where you're going. So when I came back to the US to settle, I no longer stressed out about the drivers here because drivers elsewhere are SO HORRIBLE in comparison.

My suggestion for people who get stressed out when they drive (at least in the US and a lot of other western countries) is to have gratitude about how relatively nice it is to drive here :-)

(Not to say that there aren't rules at all, and I'm definitely not promoting the idea that all people in Asia are terrible drivers. It's just a lot of unspoken rules that you have to get used to.)

10/23/14 10:49 P

driving is very stressful and overwhelming for me, mostly from other driver's not paying attention to the road, offensive ways of driving and lack of common courtesy. I alleviate this is by turning up 'extreme' metal music which is brutal and difficult to listen to by most... but it somehow soothes my nerves.

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10/11/14 6:10 A

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I think meditation has helped me to accept the delays and frustrations.

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7/6/14 8:13 P

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I no longer commute but had the same experience it sounds like you are having. I found that it was about my reaction that helped me get thru it.

I changed the channel to a comedy station, started letting in the occasional car trying to cut me off, and reminded myself that the other driving is doing the best he or she can do. That made me feel like I had the upper hand rather than my being the one put out of sorts and starting my day off as a grouch.

Allow yourself extra time - even leaving 5-10 minutes earlier so you know you won't be late might be worth it. I'm not a morning person but the extra sleep hitting the snooze button isn't worth it when it's your job to be there ready to go & in a good frame of mind.

Or maybe I just developed more patience as I got older :-)


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1/27/11 4:45 A

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My commute lengths have varied over the past few years - the shorter the length, the better, naturally.......I like to have a radio station or stations "handy" that provide humorous banter (HELL to the NO on inflammatory talk radio - don't need that c**p around to potentially anger me!)

Of course, even this suggestion can fall short in the face of massive, frequent snowstorms (of which my area has, sadly, been the recipient).......

Best of luck to you with your commutes!


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1/22/11 12:09 P

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Heh, other than avoidance?

I listen to calming music, music that makes me happy (though preferably not so calming that it puts me to sleep--I have a few pieces that are banned from the car unless I'm *really* tightly strung).

If you had someone to carpool, then you would have fewer days you'd have to drive and you'd have someone to talk to you in the car (and it saves money!) but I don't know if that's an option for you.

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1/20/11 10:34 P

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I find driving to be very stressful and I have a 30-40 minute commute to work everyday. Does anyone else experience this kind of stress and how do you handle it?

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