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12/15/10 4:09 P

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Hi my name is Brenda and I love to walk but now I have a problem with my lower back but I still want to try and walk .If I could tight up my core I think my back would not hurt so much.any suggestion will help Thanks Brenda

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10/7/10 1:01 P

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I'm in the same boat, with back pain being crippling at times. There is some degeneration there, but the biggest issue is my overweight. It's encouraging to hear that others who are in a similar situation, and that perseverance will get us through it!

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10/7/10 7:06 A

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Good luck on your journey! I have very bad back problems and am now a walker instead of a runner. Although I am in good shape it is still hard to start a whole new program and you have to let your body adjust to it slowly.

Do not stretch until you have warmed up. You can really hurt yourself by stretching cold muscles and joints. Personally I do not stretch until the end of my workouts but you can stretch about 10 minutes into your walk.

Another good thing would be to strengthen your core muscles (lots of exercise programs for that on SP) - that helps the back muscles alot and can be done without any "toys".

Let us know how you are progressing!

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10/6/10 10:42 P

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Welcome. I agree with the others. All exercise is personal and it is to be done at your pace. I don't know about stretching, but warming up is always a good thing to do. Spark suggests stretching after the muscles are warmed up, like at the end of the walk.

I like to start out fairly slow and then increase as I'm comfortable. I plan a walk that is a few minutes out and back and increase as I feel like I can. When I get home, I do some stretches to loosen up the muscles and prevent cramping.

I do track my walks and try to keep a streak going.

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10/6/10 9:14 P

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emoticon keep up the great work emoticon

Smile .... it makes people wonder what you're up to ;-)

It is far easier to MAKE time to exercise than it is to FIND time to exercise. You want results???? MAKE it happen.

Keep trying - you CAN do it - believe in yourself!

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10/6/10 4:49 P

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Thank you Twilkers and Citruspine. It sounds like I was pushing it too hard in the beginning. When I started I walked 45 minutes at a fairly brisk pace. I'll slow down now and stretch first. Fortunately, I'm a big water drinker, so that's not a problem.
Thanks again - I'm looking forward to posting some positive progress.

10/6/10 4:18 P

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Hi and welcome to the team! I, too, have lower back problems and when I started walking I walked 10 minutes per day 4 times per week. I did stretch before and after walking. Each week I increased my time by 5 minutes and when I reached 30 minutes I picked up the pace a little bit. I still walk but am not a speed walker. My orthopedist and pain management docs told me that walking is the best exercise for back problems and walking on black top--not side walks- is the best as it gives when it is walked on--cement does not! Good luck and hope to see you around on the team.

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10/6/10 2:34 P

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Welcome to the group. I think you should stretch really good before you start walking and that will prepare your body. I would only walk 3 days a week to start off with 10 minutes at a slow pace. If after a week and you have little to no problems increase by 5 minutes each week with a little faster pace. Good luck and drink plenty water.

10/6/10 2:27 P

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Hello, my name is Susan and I'm new to this site. I am interested in starting a walking program and I have a few questions.

I live a fairly sedentary life and want to change that. I understand walking is a great way to start, but I want to do it right. I have frequent lower back problems, probably due to a lot of sitting and being about 20 lbs overweight. I have had x-rays that showed nothing abnormal.

The last time I tried to start a walking program, I got to the second day and my back hurt so bad I quit. I think I probably walked too far or too fast for a beginner, I don't know. I live in the country with a lot of blacktopped roads with minimal inclines. I don't have access to a treadmill or anything like that.

Any suggestions on the best way to start out so I can be successful this time? I have some good walking shoes that feel very supportive and don't give me blisters. What stretches or exercises should I be doing to support my lower back?

Any and all suggestions will be welcome. I hope to be a regular contributor here.


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