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4/5/09 9:51 A

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Thanks for posting this - great info.

I have a website with loads of PCOS info Please stop by!

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4/4/09 2:40 P

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emoticon Thanks helpful info.

9/15/07 11:24 P

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Low-Tech Approach to Fertility: Just Relax

Chronic stress may keep some women from ovulating. Relaxation techniques or psychotherapy may be very helpful.

Researchers are examining how chronic stress alters brain signals into the hypothalamus, a control center in your brain that influences the production of hormones that talk to your ovaries and thus affect to your fertility.

A cascade of events, beginning with stress, leads to altered levels of hormones crucial for ovulation.

A recent study showed that women who did not ovulate had excessive levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Other studies have shown that women with PCOS tend to have higher cortisol levels than other women.

Chronic stress can definitely impair your ability to conceive.

Potential health consequences of stress-induced inability to ovulate may include an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, depression, other psychiatric conditions, and dementia, according to one research report.

Fortunately, there's a lot you can do to control stress. Getting professional help from a therapist is one way. For example, a University of Pittsburgh study showed that ovulation was restored in 7 of 8 women who underwent cognitive behavioral therapy, compared with 2 of 8 who did not get therapy.

For more ideas on how to control stress, refer to Chapter 14.2 in our book.

Please bear in mind that PCOS and infertility are due to a complex web of dysfunction involving many organs in your body, including ovaries, thyroid, adrenals, liver, pancreas and hypothalamus gland in your brain

Dependence on birth control pills, metformin, Clomid or IVF (in-vitro fertilization) may yield disappointing results because they are only a piecemeal approach to your complex situation.

You need to take a more comprehensive approach. Improved diet and reduced stress are two powerful things you can do to help yourself -- plus, they are inexpensive and don't have any side effects.

Improved diet and reduced stress help ALL of your organs move toward more normal function. Not only does this increase your fertility, it also greatly reduces the long-term risk of developing chronic diseases.

Always challenge yourself!

Don't live to eat, eat to LIVE!

Don't feel deprived... feel ALIVE!
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