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7/28/10 6:49 A

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You have some good info there!

At the moment I am just taking D Chiro Inositol every day and a B complex most days at work. Sometimes on the weekends I'll top up Vitamin C and D, Spirulina, Fish Oil and Evening Primrose Oil. I also use carob (for pinnitol, a d chiro inositol precursor), cinnamon and stevia in cooking or smoothies.

If I were more organised I would also take

Vitex 1g and Saw Palmetto 400 mg each morning before breakfast.

Sometimes Chromium, Vanadium or Manganese with breakfast for insulin sensitizing effects.

Gymnema and St Mary's Thistle before lunch. Probably a gram or 2 of each.

A multivitamin, Fish Oil 2-3g, Evening Primrose Oil 2-3g, Vitamin E 500 i.u., Vitamin D 5000 i.u., Vitamin C 2g with dinner. Sometimes alpha lipoic acid and Co-enzyme Q-10.

Unfortunately Fish Oil really is the better way to supplement with Omega 3s. This article explains pretty well:

Hope this helps!

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7/27/10 2:26 P

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I know there is already a topic asking about what supplements are good to take with PCOS... but I wanted to know what supplements everybody is actually taking (with amounts)!

What prompted me to start looking at supplements: my fiance and I have been taking a class on the sympto-thermal method of charting fertility/natural family planning (we are not trying to conceive, we are actually hoping to wait a year or two and I frankly hate how birth control makes me feel). Long story short, after a month of charting, it looks like I didn't ovulate/get a rise in progesterone for the second half of my cycle. There could be a lot of reasons for this (stress from upcoming wedding one of them), but if it is the PCOS I want to get it in line! My weight has been yo-yoing a little in the last two years (~15 pounds up and down), and I'm hoping to get that in check. When I'm good (which has been alot lately), I eat a low glycemic diet as much as possible - whole grain bread + lots of veggies and working out 30-45 minutes a day.

My vitamin/herb daily routine (started in earnest this week):

*1 Daily Women's Vitamin (which has 250% DV vit D)
*1 Vitex (400 mg/capsule)
*1 Chromium Picolinate ('Ultra' dose, 500 mcg/pill)

*1 Nature's Made Super B-complex (extra vit Bs, vit c)
*1 Flaxseed Oil pill (1300 mcg ALA/omega 3, ~200mcg omega 6 & 9)

*1 Chromium Picolinate (500 mcg/pill)
*1 Vitex (400 mg - bottle said to do 2/day for 8 weeks)

Long windy explanations:

I tried taking Chromium daily (~200 mcg/pill) a few years ago when I heard it could be good for insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes runs in my family & some blood work showed that I was slightly insulin resistant), but it didn't do anything for me so I stopped when my bottle finished. Then I read that 200 mcg/day has virtually no effect and the studies looking at it's efficacy with PCOS were with higher daily levels (800-1000 mcg). So I'm giving the higher dosage a shot! I started my higher dosage of this before the other supplements (minus the daily vitamin) and I did notice much reduced cravings/hunger, especially in the afternoons!

The B supplement I'm trying to space out from my daily vitamin, because I've heard that some higher levels of some B vitamins will inhibit absorption of folate. My fiance and I aren't looking to start a family anytime in the next few years, but I am trying to get my stores up just incase. But I've noticed it gives me a jolt of energy/wakefulness, so I can't take it in the evening!

I have heard wondrous things about Vitex, and I am hoping it works to help balance stuff out for me.

The supplement I'm most uncertain about is the Flaxseed Oil. I'm taking it as an alternative to Fish Oil pills because frankly I HATE the fishy burps I got from those pills. :) I guess I am hoping something is better than nothing!

Edit: An awesome website I've found that talks about different therapies/supplements for pcos:

So, what do you take daily? Is there a vitamin/herb you swear by?

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