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11/30/09 10:45 P

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I took Metformin for a year and a half. I did experience weight loss from taking it. However, I also experienced some side effects. When, I first started taking the Metformin, I had a lot of cramping and diarrhea. I took the Metformin, at lunch and dinner. I also had to adjust the times I took the medicine when I worked because I never knew when I would have stomach problems.
After, taking it for a while I no longer experience the side effects. Expect if I ate something real greasy or fatty. The only reason I stop taking it was because I was laid off and lost my insurance.

It would always be a good idea to ask your doctor any questions that you may have. Everyone is different, so they all experience different things.


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11/26/09 6:51 A

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Hi Tat2Pryncess,

Welcome to the group!

I didn't have any luck with Metformin - it actually seemed to make my symptoms much much worse and I started putting on weight, after having maintained a normal weight (with quite some effort) for years. So I can't really advise you on that.

Being a nutritionist myself, I don't really go in for 'diets' as such, but I have found principles which I found useful in Dr Abravanel's Body Type Diet & Lifetime Nutrition Nutrition Plan and also Mike Adams' book (the title of which I've forgotten, but it can be summed up as eat every half hour or as often as possible and cycle through the macronutrient groups - start with carbohydrate, then fat then protein then start all over again)

Limiting my carbohydrate intake to ~60 gm a day and from low GI sources, cutting down on fruit has helped a lot.

Really, though no amount of healthy eating and exercise made any difference until I started taking d-chiro inositol. I've lost 7 kg this year so far and it's the first year in 10 where I haven't put on weight, so I'm really happy to have found it.

I've put together a quick start guide or cheat sheet on PCOS on my website:

I have a website with loads of PCOS info Please stop by!

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11/26/09 2:44 A

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I've just been diagnosed with PCOS and was prescribed metformin. I don't know much about it and I've been trying to research information on it. So I don't know what to really expect or have any idea how it can effect me. I did find out that drinking alcohol is a definite no go for me!

But I do want to know what kind of diets some of you are doing.... my dr. wants me to change my eating habits, so any suggestions would be great because trying to cut back on carbs is not easy.

And I read that this medication helps with weight loss.... how soon do you notice that? My hormones have been so messed up the passed year, I feel weight loss is definitely not easy with the roller coaster I've been on.

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