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6/16/08 7:47 A

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Metformin is an insulin substitute. It is usually the first line of defense for those with insulin resistance and diabetes. Insulin resistance is a precursor to diabetes so it should be a wake up call. I am sorry to say it was not for me.
Met did not help me in my quest to have a baby. Clomid did. Met helped my blood sugar but thats it. When the doc added Amryl, I started having periods regularly for the first time in my life and also apparently ovulating, cuz we got pg less than 6 months after I started taking it.
Don't stress. I know it can be overwhelming. I'm still dealing after 6 years. Just take it one day at a time. If you don't know why you're taking something, make sure you ask your doctor. We're all here to help you too.

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6/9/08 6:14 P

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Weight loss has dun nothing for me in regards to the PCOS

Am not into breeding so that is a non issue with me .. took care of it actually got my reproductive system removed (12 days ago).

Only reason I was on metformin was because of the Diabetes, and now am on Insulin because the metformin has failed to work on me any longer.

before my op I was on Depo Provera, not to treat PCOS but to curtail my 24/7 bleeding (hence the removal of reproductive system).. loved the depo, neer was abel to get eh weigh toff before it, while on it droped over 100 pounds, so it worked great for me.

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5/9/08 5:16 A

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My experience with living a healthy lifestyle is I feel so much better about myself, and I'm able to better enjoy the every day things in life. I'm also better able to deal with tough situations which come my way.

After 3 years of trying to get pregnant, I'm still not there. But since I've been on Metformin I've actually started ovulating and having a lot of cycles on my own! (HUGE success!) I'm hanging in there. I encourage you to give it your best shot, too.


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5/8/08 10:46 P

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My personal experience (as mom to three) is that my fertility is greatly enhanced when I am at a decent weight. I also seem to go into what I describe as a PCOS remission.


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5/8/08 10:12 P

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I am on both BC (othro-tri-cyclen lo) and metformin for PCOS. The BC is symptom control, essentially, it helps to regulate the hormones that are not self-regulating. It also makes sure those of us who don't get a period, do.

The metformin treats insulin resistance (IR), which is considered to be the basis of PCOS. IR gets significantly worse with weight gain, and, in some cases, can be controlled through weight gain, so losing weight can help with everything PCOS related, although many of us need metformin as well. Infertility can go in many ways, but being as healthy as possible can't hurt any, I haven't tried yet, so hopefully others can chime in there.

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5/8/08 9:21 P

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So I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS so I have lots of questions and concerns.

My MD prescribed BC pills to regulate my period, Wellbutrin for the depression, Metformin for...? the cysts?, and recommended that I lose weight.

So I went from taking only Advil to deal with headaches to making monthly trips to the pharmacy to fill up my cabinet with meds. Any advice would be GREAT. I just want to know if these meds have worked for you or are known to help reduce or eliminate symptoms of PCOS, including increasing fertility.

Will weight loss really help? I want to lose weight for me, but if I know it will help the chance of having kids someday, I will certainly be more motivated!

I'm so glad that I found sparkpeople. It has helped me so much already and I've only been a member for a week! Thanks everyone for caring. :)

Jess :)

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