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1/7/07 2:53 P

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I am also a student graduating in may and a night owl. Depending on my schedule I can easily be up until 2 or 3 am. At the same time however, I always do my best to get at *least* 6 hours of sleep. As far as I'm concerned its never been a problem for me to have a different schedule than most people as long as you are still getting as much sleep as your body needs. If I go to bed a 2am and get up at 10am I still have had a full 8 hours.
As for eating schedules, it is best to try to eat small amounts throughout the day which can be really hard. I've read some places that its best not to eat late at night, but I think that's mostly because if you eat right before you go to bed you don't have a chance to burn the calories you've ingested. One summer I worked as a waitress. My shifts were from about 4pm to 10 pm. I wouldn't eat dinner until 11 or 12 at night but I'd stay up until 3 or 4am. I ended up losing about 10 lbs that summer.

I guess the moral of the story is having crazy hours and eating schedules isn't ideal, but certainly doesn't doom you to failure. The key is to try as best you can to get enough sleep (too little sleep increases stress and stress does all sorts of funky things to your body) and when you do get a chance to eat try to make it as healthful as possible.

Good luck and congrats!!!

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12/26/06 12:27 A

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I'm a student as well. I never really had a problem with sleeping sonce I'm one of those people who need eight hours or I can't function. Eating used to be a big problem for me. I would typically starve myself the entire day and then binge at dinner. I now try to eat every three hours and I accomplish that by always having some type of food on me, whether it be a piece of fruit, granola bar, or some nuts. I've noticed that I actually start to get hungry if I don't eat something every few hours. I also tote my water bottle everywhere. I'd suggest that you make small changes at first. Try going to bed an hour earlier and add an extra meal or snack to the day. No matter how small the change, your body will thank you.

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12/23/06 11:35 A

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I'm also a student graduating in May, but I'm pre-med. I have crazy semester hours groups just don't know when to quit! I read an article that it helps to eat about every 2 hours, and don't be afraid to nibble on some fruit/veggies inbetween. I don't know if you can bring food into your studio, but you ought to try bringing a little lunch sack or something. Good luck!!! And congrats on graduating and the wedding!

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12/22/06 1:27 A

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I'm getting married in July and I still have another semester to go until graduation. I'm an art student, so my eating and sleeping habits are terrible. I sometimes don't get to sleep until 3 or 4 am, so you can only guess what times I eat meals! I just wondered if there was anyone else that has the same problem. I'm hoping that by joining sparkpeople I'll get more motivated and have additional support. Thanks guys/girls!

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