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OH, yes. Sugar is a processed food. It takes a natural plant with lots of fiber and extracts certain substances in unhealthy ways. I have learned to avoid foods that cause me pain swelling and weight loss interruptions. Sugar is on my no-no list like artificial sweeteners under the heading of insulin-resistance creating foods to create a high glycemic response and results in energy drain and migraine headaches that hurt me. I discovered other foods I choose not to eat by looking into the features in that food. Sugar of cane beet corn soy or grapes have levels of sulfur that may not always hurt my sluggish liver and digestion in the day I eat it but screams awful discomfort later. I am listed as intolerant as I am not allergy tested. I know what hurts through elimination diet with journaling foods and feelings as they happen and discussing the entries with my doctor I have learned to avoid them. I have done so much better with fresh fruit, xylitol, and natural local honey as my replacements in limited amounts. The volume of sweet desire has been curbed through the steps of find it, eat less then I stop eating that. My nutritional doctor has verified my need for these changes and has approved of the replacement alternatives through gradual reduction and witnessing health improvement that has come about for those changes.

Natural sweet things may never be removed from my diet. It is the trace sugars in foods that help strengthen immunity and resist and fight infections. The tongue may not sense a sweet flavor but the body knows the difference. There have been actual studies of extracting trace sugars from foods to win against cancers. Xylitol from birch tree is a trace sugar. Yes it is an extracted processed food just like cane but my body uses it in a very different way. It produces less tooth enamel erosion less insulin spike and less sugar rush of quick fall and energy drain to digest it. BUT many trace sugars not cane sugar like xylitol must never be fed to pets or other animals.

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Have you heard of the Paleo diet or GAPS diet?
GAPS diet stands for..(Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Dr. McBride..
I would suggest that you take a look.. I too found out that I can't grains as I would gain weight and not feel good.... turns out I have what they call a "leaky gut"... sounds like you have the same..
a site I recommend to check out is The Paleo Mom .com..
if you read her journey to health and weight loss.. it is inspiring..
I am in the process of healing my guts.. I haven't eaten any type of grain in a year.. no corn, rice, any grains., no dairy, and I feel so much better.. I still have a ways to go to in healing my guts....I've been told I look better and I feel better.. ...
as they say.."Food is Your Medicine".. and "Another Man's Food is Another Man's Poison" .. I truly believe this..
I hope I didn't ramble on too much.. something for you to research...
Hope this help..
All the Best in Your Journey to Good Health..

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has anyone heard of being allergic to sugar? my doc told me several years ago that I am allergic to sugar. im not diabetic yet but pre. anything that I eat with sugar or even carbs when they turn to sugar my body absorbs it and does not let go of it. I fully believe it. I eat no sugar and no carbs I loose weight but when I eat whole wheat stuff like bread rice and noodles I gain weight. ugh this is so frustrating. can anyone help me understand this more.

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