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12/17/13 10:58 A

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I have colitis. My Doctor at emerge had me on pain killers. I slept for two days 12 hours. Plus an infected diverticular that went so bad. Sent me home with fluid diet instead of the antibiotics.. New method then the antibiotics at my hospital..

Then I had to go to my regular doctor. She did a couple of days with the fluid. Now I am advised to go on Gluten Food. Which she told me what.

So I have choices of food slowly. Eat slowly.

Only rice, fish baked and carrots baked in foil like a baked potato and apple sauce and jelly four a week. Try three cut up carrots for starters. You will have to have your body try itself out to pass them. It will take like three days to from a good void of movement. Of course your colour will be not the regular as you have orange as colour now.

Second week add chicken crock pot chicken made no spices and water adn I can have a wee bit of marg cooked in it or foil or pieces of no fat pieces of chicken in foil liket he carrots baked in oven.

No broccoli or other veggies at all yet.. I am to do this till January 6th.

No fruit except the apple sauce no sugar in it. You can have jello but not red. ha-ha

No dairy products. Except second week can try Soya milk as it is a bean so quarter of a glass once a day.

If that goes well.

Then I can have my milk over gluten free honey cereal. Not alot but Soya milk to wet it.

I bought the gluten free bread. I like it toasted with the jelly jam not any seeds or seeds on the bread just plain g free bread..

I eat scrambled eggs in micro wave but no milk in it. I add water. I eat that with my one toast i mentioned. I can have a boiled egg. Nothing fried. No,no.
No lettuse, tomatoes, cucumbers. All that got me into emerg.

I drink allot of water.I was told to not to go dehydrated.So I drink about five water a day.
If I get hugry in the day. I can have two rice crackers plain. No seesemee sedds. Plain. I eat two for afternoon break or two G free animal cokies second week starters.

So I hope this helps. My first year this not to go to family for Christmas.As all that food is a no, no and all the sweets around me. I cannot risk it. Even no turkey dressing. She has not put turkey on my list. She said tough Love to stay home. my family undersatnds plus my daughter in-law cant go neither. We have a large family so my daughter will be busy.

Now doing this you will still have bouts of cramps but nothing like he beginning. I do not have.

If you have any concerns seeing your same as me. Email me here on my private. Just add me. I guess you will have to do that.

I have loss five pounds plus the two when I drank fluids.

I am new on here to join.

I have a wonderful lady dr but my Specialist he is too laid back on food issues. He tells you want you have and lets the dr do the diet part.

I live in the country so we have not too many choices of Specialists.

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9/30/10 10:04 P

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Was your doctor a gastrologist or a GP? When I was diagnosed with MC by the specialist, I did get some guidelines. Granted, they were general starting points to try, but I wasn't just sent on my way. You deserve better from your doc.

As what I do when I have a flare up, I back off the gas producing veggies such as broccoli. In the beginning, I did keep a diary of what I ate to see trends and that helped.

It it frustrating especially in the beginning because you have to experiment. So, be gentle with yourself and hang in there.

Let us know how you're doing so you don't feel like you're fighting this alone.

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5/27/10 5:58 P

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I totally get your lost and frustrated feelings, especially when all the doctors seem to want to do is hand you a pill and that's it. I know when I have a flair there is nothing I want eat, I just want it to go away. The key is to eat and work it through. My secret is baby crackers (the arrowroot). they are very digestible, don't taste half bad and will help push things through. The best thing is just to take it easy, relax, drink lots of water and even take a nap. Once the flare up is 'gone' don't go back into a heavy diet. Eat light meals for a few days so that it won't come right back. I've had Crohns since I was 14, I know what you and I and lots of people are going through isn't easy but it's doable. Keep at it and beat this one flare at a time. I hope you feel better. :)

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5/22/10 11:52 P

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Ok so I was just diagnosed with microscopic colitis and am in a flair. Have been for 2 months. My Dr. just handed me asacol, tramadol for pain and sent me on my way. What should you be eating during a flair, to calm it down? And then what dietary plan does everyone follow? Gluten free, SCD, wheat free, etc? I would appreciate some direction.
Thank you :) Feeling kind of lost and frustrated. :(

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