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6/21/10 7:41 P

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I hadn't thought of protein shakes...I too have a lot of problems hitting my protein needs. Thanks for the tip.

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10/10/09 10:15 P

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I've been enjoying protein shakes a lot lately since I have been trying to give everything a rest. The pain and tenderness is gone; however, I think I'm paranoid now. If I feel anything in my left side I automatically panic. I have lost 10 lbs since Sept. 18 but I haven't tracked all of it because I'm sure that now that I have started to eat solids that I'll find a few of those lost pounds.

My mom has a book of recipes for making different protein shakes adding coffee and extracts and different fruits to make it a smoothie. My "smoothies" usually consist of milk, yogurt, ice cubes, a banana and protein powder all blended together in my Bullet. Yummy! Once I begin to increase my fibre more, I'm going to add a low-fat homemade bran muffin to that for breakfast and I'll be good until lunch. I'm sure my raging appetite will be back soon enough. For now I'm enjoying this non-heavy feeling. I'm amazed how great I feel not eating "junk". My hubby & son had subs and french fries last night for supper. I opted to make my supper at home and had a tuna wrap and a bowl of soup. Hubby had bathroom issues this morning - imagine that!

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10/9/09 4:30 P

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Thank you Sean for the great information. Living in Mexico I can't get these products but when I go back to the states in December I will order some on line and sent to the kids house to bring back.

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10/8/09 10:09 A

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I was having trouble hitting my protein targets after I made the switch to ovo-lacto vegetarian. Biggest reason for that is that greasy meat meals were getting my guts all riled up. Everything works better when I lay off big chunks of beef pot roast for dinner.

Because of the weight training I'm doing now, I need protein, but I don't go over what SP says I can have in a day (approx 250g). So I've been drinking Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein shakes immediately before or after workouts and taking a hit of Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein at bedtime (casein is a very slow metabolizing protein).

After a month I can report NO diarrhea, pains, cramping, elimination issues, fevers, or lower left quadrant pains in my gut. That and the protein shakes DO seem to help with adding muscle mass. The scale hasn't moved much for me lately, but my shoulders are noticeably bigger than they were two weeks ago, and I'm finding tasks involving my upper body just keep getting easier to do.

To be honest, I wish like hell I'd gotten kicked in the ass by diverticulosis 20 years ago. It gave me the motivation to profoundly change my life for the better. I'm doing things at 40 that I couldn't do when I was 20 (like running 5 km in the Terry Fox run last month).

Anyhow, just wanted to mention this in case anyone else has been looking at protein supplements.


Sean M.

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