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oh good, since it was some effort for me to type, and rephrase , so my notes made sense. I'll try and get more out, when I get a chance.

Hope others read it too

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8/20/18 1:02 P

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Thanks for the recap. I've re-read it several times over the days & get a new piece to meditate upon each time.

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8/10/18 11:24 P

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My girlfriend and I attended this one Aug. 3-4 meeting. However, we just went to the Saturday sessions. This morning I received a link from the Friday night meeting, and haven't listened to it yet.

It was challenging to write fast enough to keep all her main points. Some of the other points, I didn't record at all. Another thing is when they say a scripture, I try and write down it from the screen or the reference. There are other verses she uses, and sometimes I get them, and other times not... In other words when one skips some words due to spelling or getting the entire concept... there are parts missing.

Anyhow, she does skip around each time. She even says this... however, the good news... she will be putting together a teaching set on the book of Galatians by next year. Maybe it will be easier to follow. I do think she goes more on memory and looks at her notes off and on.

Certain things she has repeated frequently, such as the story of Joseph or concerning the correlation between the promised land and wondering around and the wilderness.

I have 11 pages, but my note book is about five inches. Some things are repeated or unclear. So I will post a few times to get the gist of it.

Galatians ideas from chapters 1-3

God doesn't want us to live underneath the law. It can become oppressive and wear us out. In Gal. 1: 6-9 Paul says, that we received Christ by faith, but are now attempting to please God and others by doing all sorts of works, and rules.

How did we get born again or get the Holy Spirit? Was it from doing the law or by hearing the word of God which produced faith ? Was it something you did by doing a list of things, or from what the Spirit of God does in our inner being ? Gal. 1: 1-6

Joyce told us about a friend who admits she gets nothing from her church and isn't changing, learning new things or being challenged. She tried another church a few times, but likes the tradition, having it memorized , and familiar with the people, since she has attended for decades. It's what she is accustomed to The rituals make her feel safe

Gal. 5:2 don't be ensnared What you gain, you must maintain. It's actually a fulltime job, not a 45 minute affair during Sunday service. Our God is a consuming fire! So Paul is astonished the believers want to go back from where they started. WE CAN BE A GOD PLEASER or People pleaser. Yes, you may loose friends. However having one foot in Go's ways, and one foot in the world is a mess. God desires full commitment . Our problem is that we use our energy and effort into God's part. We are trying to do what only God CAN DO. He wants us to believe Him not try HARDER and harder. Every time we try and do a bunch of stuff independently from God, what happens??? WORKS OF THE FLESH = FRUSTATION.

Joyce got down on the floor and moaned, If " YOU" don't help me, its not going to be pretty. I keep trying, and TRYING, and Trying!!!!!! God thinks that is great. He has been wanting her to surrender and et Him do the inner work, not just things on the outside.

He reminds us, that even if an angel tells you another gospel, don't believe it or put stock in it. Gal . 1 : 7-9 Stand firm in the true gospel. Even cults may have 90 percent truth, and 10 percent error. A little leaven affects the whole loaf. Gal. 5:2

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