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Very interesting

"Always look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." Mr. Fred Rogers

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Please respond to my December 4th blog meant to encourage self-esteem and to spark peace, goodwill and caring for others. PS It was partly inspired by Johnathan Lockwood Huie's 8 Self-Affirmations, but the complete message is solely my thoughts written for others to inspire them.
1. We are OK (we are alive, and we have ourselves. Our happiness does not depend on external possessions but on believing that we have something of our selves to give in order make possible a more peaceful and caring world)
2. We Have Always Been OK (looking back whenever I was unhappy, it was because I blamed someone else or myself for the world's or my troubles. As as I stopped blaming, and looked at what changes I could make within myself in order to give more to the world around me, I began to feel better. I believe this to be true for others like me)
3. We are Proud of Ourselves (We always did our best according to our mood and circumstances. Sometimes our best doesn't seem to be enough and we feel sad. That's OK. Our best is always good enough. Based on how we have progressed, we are proud of where we have gotten and who we now are)
4. We Think For Ourselves (We choose to lead a happier life by looking at life for what it is and, after taking all the facts into consideration, making our decisions not merely based on what others would expect of us, but what we believe would be the right choice)
5. We believe We Have a Great Future (I welcome God and the wisdom of others into my mind and my dreams. Whatever future I believe in, with the help of others who agree with me and with a benevolent God on our side, we can bring it into reality.
6. We Can Effect Change for the Better Starting Right Now (We have a dream that God favors everyone of good moral character regardless of his or her religious faith or lack thereof and that the world will be a much better place starting now if we each allowed people of goodwill to challenge our beliefs, and we consider giving more respect to those having opposing or diverse ideas. We can live side by side with peaceful people of diverse ideas without stress and this would be pleasing to our God. We have the strength that God gives us to achieve lasting peace in the world. We share the message that most all of the world's great spiritual works has been inspired by God. However, their messages may have become limited by the misinterpretation thereof by the masses. Peace is possible. However, peace will come only if we continually give credit to our God for the truth that God favors no one based on his or her race or religion, but on their moral character which is best judged by their willingness to live in harmony with diverse people who want to live in peace, and if we work together to ensure peace and justice for all)
7. We Live Life to the Fullest and are a Cheerful People (Life is like a game with ever-changing events and uncertain rules, it is not about losing or winning. It is about always having a goal or purpose to strive for and enjoying the journey. Our purpose is to pave the way for a more peaceful world. We do this by first attending to our own health, learning how different people have developed their culture, finding ways to reduce conflicts, and accepting that we may still have our differences yet live peacefully together)
8. We Thank God (Our God is a benevolent God who desires that we till the earth and develop communities of caring and learning so that everyone may live according to their potential and enjoy life. Everything that we need has been provided in some way by God's care. We give thanks to God for everything and trust God's will that we likewise live a caring, benevolent, and inspirational life).

God bless you all for reading this.

Please share your opinion pro or con as to whether you believe in living in peace with and showing respect for others regardless of their religious or political beliefs. What causes you to hold your opinion and why do you think others are so disrespectful of opposing viewpoints? Where might I improve my statement or might you disagree with them? Either pro or con, I would love to hear back from you. Mr. Owl

I'm Bob. I am retired and live in Virginia, USA (EDT) with my wife. I co-lead the team "**Positive_Sparkers**"
Our goal is to help all members better use their mental powers to act positively and proactively to live a joyous productive life. The joy is in the shared journey of life whether it be ordinary or extraordinary, but mostly it will be exceptional with each other's support.

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