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I'm glad someone was interested.

You can see that I have suspended the study because I was in mid air helping my mom out. She had a fall about 4 months ago. She is now in skilled nursing.

I asked a few times, if people want me to finish the study, and/ or they have interest in another book or topic. I received no feedback.

What do people want to do to keep this group active??? emoticon

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10/11/16 12:07 A

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Thank you

Southwest MO. Central time zone
Loving snow &
looking for Balance!

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5/22/16 4:46 P

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thanks for sharing. emoticon

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emoticon This is a behavior I have to be very aware of myself. "We (I) tend to focus on what people think of us (me) rather than giving serious consideration, toward how our (my) thoughts impact others." This is something I battle with more often than I care to admit. I have to constantly remind myself that "It's Not about me. It is, and always has been about Jesus."

Elayne from the west coast of Fl.

"Music is the original mood-altering, non-fattening wonder drug. Ask your doctor if Music is right for you."

Playing my sax is how I connect with God. That gift is from God and I use it to Glorify His name. It's not bout's all about HIM.

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5/20/16 7:55 P

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The Mind Connection
by Joyce Meyer

Chapter 11
What Do You Think About That Person ?

This particular chapter ; I might not interrupted the way she does. You the readers, may have several impressions about this material.

First of all, she starts our discussion,by bringing up the following idea. . We tend to focus on what people think of us, rather than giving serious consideration, toward how our thoughts impact others. Certainly our words and actions have effects in our personal relationships.

She asks us if we have have had the experience of feeling dislike for someone we barely know. What things influence our opinions and feelings? Perhaps facial expressions, body language, hair, clothes or brief dialogue . There are times when first impressions not so good.

Joyce give a few examples. Some are obviously based on experiences or facts. I guess that she may at times, develop a composite of a person, that she made into an example. One such case is a a woman named Sally. She met Jack whom was a broker and he was well off financially. He also was from a prestigious college. She was attracted to him and he seemed to be successful and a good choice. They got married but within a year they were split up. He had some serious issues.

Later one she was reintroduced to John. She had met him before, and hadn't given him the time of day. Later she came to see this person was a lot more secure, had a fine character, and was more responsible. Getting to know someone better is a good basis to choose friends and lovers.

John Wesley is hugely respected. He told a story how he had misjudged someone in his meetings. He believed a particular individual, had been cheap concerning a donation and scolded him.. He thought his attitude was substandard and not honoring gift. When he tried to correct him, he was rather surprised. The gentleman was a new christian. He felt convicted to pay off his creditors. He wanted to show these businessmen, that the grace of God can change a man's heart. For this reason, he wished to represent his newfound faith by getting out of debt and being an honest example. He also wanted to provide a tithe or gift. Therefore he had been living on parsnips and water. Mr. Wesley was compelled to give him a sincere apology for misinterpreting his actions.

Jesus didn't choose to befriend people based on how others perceived them. Of course he really knew human nature in it's every facet. He interfaced with Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector. The talked to the Samaritan woman would had a string of men and both a woman and considered half breeds. We all know about the widow with the two mites. Jesus saw her gift as it was, a sacrifice. Maybe that's why he stated that her few coins were actually more valuable.

I don't know that ,I believe that all our thoughts harm or heal. However, we do know that sometimes others sense our feelings. Babies do. They know if you genuinely love them. Probably people know if we truly care, or being self absorbed or are preoccupied. Even if we aren't making faces, or shifting around, some claim others sense our vibes. We do have a educated guess don't you think? Rejection seems to carry an invisible cloud.

To see people like God sees them takes some spiritual maturity.” It is a by-product of walking in the Spirit, than making judgments based on the flesh or human nature. Jesus is pleased when we make an attempt to “ recognize each person as valuable, then a possibility, instead of a potential problem” . Does this speak to you? It does me.

Supporting verses:
Lk. 21:1-4, Heb. 13:2, Lk. 19:1-8,Jn. 7:24, Mt. Chapt 8, Mt. 9:11, Jn, 13:34, Samuel 16:7, Jn. 7:4

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