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8/26/12 4:00 P

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can't remember if we talked about this on another thread already. Low-carb requires more salt, between 1-2 grams/day, because the body kidneys excrete more salt. I can't remember where I read it but it was in several places.


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8/26/12 3:04 P

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Very interesting video, thanks Robyn! FYI, I like to track as well but like you I don't emphasize calories but try to keep my carbs on the low end - 50 grams or less.

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8/26/12 10:26 A

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I track my food, as well. I don't concern myself w/the calories, but do pay attention to the carbs. I go low carb most days, but since I'm training for half marathons, I eat higher carb on long mileage days. These are my averages for the past month: 1816 cal, 108 gm carbs, 20% protien, 23% carbs, 57% fat. The weight has been coming off slowly and I have had very little hunger and cravings.

I don't fully understand all the science, but I believe if you are trying to lose weight you should eat more fat and don't go overboard on the protien either. Protien can easily be converted to carbs in the liver thru gluconeogenisis, I THINK. See this video. He starts talking about protien at about 8:30.


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8/26/12 10:08 A

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I absolutely track. For one thing, it's easier to not track once you start eating the same foods over and over. You'll know that your macros are right, your O3:O6 is right, etc.

Me? I eat similar foods but a) can't remember ___ b) have struggled with non-hunger directed eating.

In other words, I'm not eating normal amounts of food. I'm eating beyond satiety for emotional reasons. I track my foods ALL OF THEM and then I can see where/ why. It's also helpful because I'm stricter than Paleo. I have health issues that require me to eat far fewer foods, so if I sneak a bit of grass-fed butter and I get cysts all over the next week, I can look back and say, "ooh. It was the butter."

I love MyFitnessPal. I used to only track (calories, obviously--it does it for you, though I don't try to keep within a the expected range, particularly if I'm lifting) protein fat and carbs but recently I did sodium. I've never been big into salt and strict Paleo says AVOID SALT (don't tell the bacon fans that, though). Turns out, I get less than half the recommended USDA requirement for salt. I don't think it's a problem...I've eaten this way for years but it was handy seeing how "little" I get.

Now, I'm tracking fibre because I just learned about net carbs. Heard the word forever but didn't know what that entailed. Now, I do, so I'm looking at it. Am I "trying" to hit a number or range? Nope. I just like data :) I like KNOWING exactly what I'm putting in my body and my memory will never, ever hold that.

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8/26/12 7:45 A

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I've been tracking my food (minus the last few days) since I started Paleo a few weeks ago....anyone else keeping steady track? I know we're not supposed to count calories blah blah blah...but since I'm trying to lose a good amount of weight I am trying to stick below 50g of carbs per day.

What is your fat % for the day? I feel like mine is way high and should be more protein. I've lost 6lbs so far (yay!) but want to make sure I'm sticking with things right.

I've been struggling with my diet the past few days since an indiscretion with Bob. Bob and I had a very bad day including a biscuit with gravy and a lovely helping of white potatoes. and I mean Bob Evans hehehe been struggling to keep away from the wheat again.

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