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1/26/10 2:10 P

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I had my surgery (two fusions) over a year ago. I'm still in shock that I'm still in pain. However, what is helping me with my pain (decreasing it) is a wonderful pt, strong believer of strengthening my core, walking, and using a jogger belt in the pool. Also I agree with moderation and rest after exercising. Plus I'm sitting on this foam thing which is way up on the top and then decreases. I hope to also try acupuncture, that is if I can find someone good and inexpensive. Has anyone tried that? Reading what all of you have gone through and suggestions helps me out alot, thank-you, Marla emoticon

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1/19/10 5:25 P

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply. I try to get over the frustration of my doc just not getting it. You have certainly had far more done than I have. Unfortunately, I did not find Bio-feedback to work for me. Luckily, though I have maintained for 31 years (since I was 13) with surgeries and pain meds.

DDD is Degenerative Disc Disease. 31 years ago, mine was labled premature DDD. I think everyone starts getting DDD with age, it just depends on how it manifests as we age.

I do hope that your pain is manageable now after all you have gone through.


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1/19/10 12:59 P

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I have been fighting pain for 23 years and have a great doctor. What I have found over the years is that working out in moderation is very important. The recovery time between workouts is crucial for pain patient to get the time to rest and let their bodies heal from the exercise.

I have also been frustrated by doctors but try not to get wrapped up in your frustration. It just makes the pain worse. Use bio-feedback techniques, they are very helpful to me.

If you would like to talk further regarding your pain issues, I will be happy to talk to you in more depth. Briefly, my medical history includes over 40 major operation, a spinal fusion from the sacrum to T10, C3-C6 and my feet have CRPS(Chronic Regional PAin Syndrone).
Maybe some day you could explain what DDD means?

I wish you well.

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1/2/10 2:20 P

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I have lost and gained weight and either way I'm sore. Personally I would rather be at a good weight and I'm working on that again and I get it that carrying the extra weight is not good! DUH!! What I can't stand is my doctor trying to convince me my back must feel better with less weight!I guess no thin people have chronic pain before or after their fusion??? Good thing I have no problem letting him know different but really..cut me some slack!!!When it comes to chronic pain you know better than anyone what and how you feel. Also we deal with more than just the pain, there is depression, low energy, loss of mobility and flexibility etc. I wish the doctors could walk a mile in my shoes..then they would understand....

12/31/09 8:17 A

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Hi there!
My pain increases no matter what I do. I have gained 30 lbs and my pain is less now, then before I gained the weight, Seems weird right? Just remember that no one can tell you about YOUR pain. You can not see pain on an xray, or a CT. No one can tell you what you pain level is except for you.

~~ Take care...Dina

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12/31/09 12:29 A

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I saw my doctor on the 23 Dec and at first when I told him I would need a new Percocet prescription before I would next see him, he said that was fine, I was taking a reasonable amount and to just watch the tylenol totals between the Percocet and the balacet.
He knows that I have been exercising to lose weight. Things were fine until he started going back through my record and he realized that since 2005, I have lost 45 pounds. All of the sudden he starts telling me, that with the loss of weight and exercising, my back should be much better. He's trying to tell me that my brain must just be needing it. I tried to tell him that the exercise I do causes me more pain although I look much better with the weight loss. He cannot get it through his head that this is the way it is. It infuriates me that he is challenging me when he does not know the first thing about my body. There was one year in my life that I required virtually no pain pills. That is when I was my fattest ever at 238 pounds. I did nothing. It seems weird that what to me seems logical is just going right over his head.

He doesn't seem to be saying he will not give me pain pills, but the fact that he reads things in a textbook does not mean I fit the mold. I never did when I was 14 with DDD and I have not typically since.

At this point, I want the weight loss even if it means more pain because I can manage it with meds and keep going on. I like being thinner and more fit visually. I would only stop if it were not manageable.

Does anyone else find that there pain increases with exercise even though their weight comes down?

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