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9/6/10 11:50 P

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I wonder what your brother would think of my parents then. My dad had a dog that was his before he married my mother and they kept her and she was a part of the family and no I don't remember her death but I'm sure it was sad because she was such a part of our family. Of course it's sad when they die but they are worth it. I've lost many pets throughout my childhood, including a dog that took off and ran right into a truck and snapped it's neck. Though I also felt bad for the driver of the truck he came up to our house white as a sheet because he felt horrible but there was nothing he could do to stop the dog from slamming into the vehicle. I watched it happen and yes it was horrible to see but I wouldn't have given up my dog for the world. Death is a part of life and I guess I feel the time you have with them when you are a kid can be so powerful.

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5/31/10 6:32 P

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So your brother thinks the dog will die of old age before any member of the extended family kicks the bucket, sorry my way to lighten up? It is not possible to predict when ones time is up. I'd rather learn about death via a loved pet than a grand-parent, parent, sibling, cousin......the list goes on and death is a fact of life.

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5/24/10 12:08 A

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I'm sorry, but good thing I wasn't there!!! What do they want to teach their children? Children practice what they learn. Your brother is teaching the kids that when mom and dad get older, better put them away, so that one day you don't come home and find mom or dad dead!!
Kids will have to face death sooner or later. It tore me apart when I lost my 2 fur babies and I had been around people dying in front of me since I was a kid. Death is part of life!I've gone to a friends house and found them dead! They took on the responsibility for the dog, they need to teach the kids to see their commitment through!
Sorry but it frustrates me to no end when people do stupid stuff like that. My pups are my babies. I have no biological kids of my own, but I was adopted into a family where I now have 7 kids, 13 grandkids and 5 greatgrandkids, that I think of as my own. Sometimes they tell me that they think they come in second to my dogs. ( I don't say NO!!). There have been times I wouldn't go to some function of theirs because one of the dogs was sick. They learned not to fuss!!
If you think they will really not want the dog around, see if you could find it a home that will love it no matter what it's age.Keep us informed!

I will take each day as it comes.
As my grandfather always told me.."Don't ever get old,it's a ..." I should have listened to him!!
I love my furbabies!
Live Long and Prosper!

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5/23/10 10:05 P

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Wow I would be really upset with tat too. I think my kids are very well adjusted to life and what life has to offer by being exposed to the animals we had over the years and learning that animals get old and die but that is part of life. I wonder if your brother and his fiancée would like someone to cart them off when they get old?

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5/23/10 4:34 P

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Please ask your lovely brother what lesson he wants to teach his children. Do we love our animals until their very last day on earth thus honoring the commitment we made to them for life? Or, do we dump our pets when they are no longer fun and exciting? Then ask him if he's going to dump his finance/wife when she gets ugly old and fat. I mean, same thing right. We either honor our commitments or we don't. It doesn't take a mother to understand that.

Oh, my son just lost his Canary. His bird lived with him since he was born. At almost four it was very hard to explain death. However, he understands. We've taught him a valuable lesson about life.

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5/23/10 4:25 P

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Yes, I would be very upset and quite offended also. I do hope they reconsider and change their minds about this.

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5/23/10 1:10 P

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Apparently they are not considering the possibility that their kids may be traumatized by having to give away the dog they've grown to love. I had to give my dog away when I was a kid because I'd developed bad allergies to (among other things) her. It was a very traumatic experience for me.

Death is a part of life and sooner or later those kids are going to experience it and have to deal with it. It may be a friend or a family member who dies, or they may be exposed to it through the death of a pet.

Life can be unpleasant at times and shielding kids from the reality of death when they're young is only going to make it harder for them to handle when it finally does enter their sphere of experiences. I really hope that your family members will reconsider this silly decision.

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5/23/10 4:24 A

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Wow, I would be upset too. I have kids and I have pets. I love my pets. I can imagine someone who does not have any kids would love their pets just as much. That is just so ridiculous.

I might have to re-read your message again, but I thought it said they took the dog in a year ago. With knowing how old the dog is, why would they take it in, in the first place, if they were worried about their kids seeing the dog dead one day?

The dog being 9 years old is an old dog. But some dogs live to be 18 years old or older. I had a dog that was 16 when she died.

Jayme from TN

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5/23/10 4:01 A

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I would be upset too. That's just ridiculous. Animals aren't furniture that you get rid of when you get tired of them, or want to update. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way.
You can't hide death, even a pets, from children forever. It just sounds like they are taking the easy way out to avoid explaining that to them. How sad.
Do you know of anyone who could take the dog?

Northern Ky.

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-Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

"Most people don't change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing."

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5/23/10 3:15 A

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Today at my mother's place for her birthday, we were talking about dogs in general, and about his dog (they have a 9 year old Staffy they took in last year)... when he casually mentioned they would be getting rid of the dog soon anyways. I asked why... his response was that him and his fiancée agreed that it would be for the best since they have four young boys, and they don't want them coming out to find a dead dog one day, given the dog's age.

I was almost livid. "You're getting rid of a dog, because he is old, and might die sooner or later... you're kidding me right?" They of course said that because I didn't have children, I wouldn't understand... My dad spoke up, diffusing the conversation before it got heated and mentioned they needed to remember I was an animal lover. My brother's fiancée joked that she thought I would probably send my kids off to boarding school (given that I obviously like pets more than kids) and I have to say I am so offended... (I didn't say anything of course)... But I am offended that just because I like my dogs, doesn't mean I wouldn't have an affinity for any children I have... At this point in time I can't have kids (due to medical issues) and yes, I love my dogs like kids... but that doesn't mean I don't get it...

I get that kids are upset when a family pet dies... but if your so worried about that, DON"T get pets! Don't just ship 'em off when they get a bit older, just cause you don't want them around when they die...

Sorry... just needed to rant a little... Thanks for listening :)


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