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6/24/08 6:16 P

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Do you have an infection?
Are you getting Ill?
both can rise ones BGS levels because the body is trying to heal itself

my BG levels have been all over the lace since my ablasion two months ago, which as my endro worried enough to put me temp on insulin to help control it (so not do dice the in sulin is not working yet).

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5/10/08 11:17 A

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try swimming...if you deep water, even just treading ankles go from cankles to ankles quickly! elevate them too! watch the sodium.

Drink LOTS of water.
Good luck.

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5/4/08 10:36 P

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when you mention high blood sugar i loose it ,because I realize just how not serious i am about my life.I admire yus who go to any length for results.

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4/23/08 10:06 P

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I find it very puzzling also. I can eat something that I think is not going to raise the sugar, and it will spike. Some things that I think will elevate it, and in two hours it is absolutely normal. I routinely check 4 times a day, but if I eat something I am not real sure of, I check 2 hours after a meal just to see how I react to that. My weight lately also has been up and down. I walk on the treadmill, walk with the grand babies, ride the st. bike, so I do get exercise daily. Also, my ankles have been swelling which is not an every day thing with me.
I try to take it on day at a time.

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4/23/08 7:19 P

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Hi all, yesterday my blood sugars were high in the morning, higher than they have been since i was diagnosed and were up and down all day. this morning my reading was down but 2 hours after breakfast(which was rolled oats) they were again very high considering that usually after breakfast they are stable and lower than the first reading of the day. At this stage I dont feel unwell and i haven't changed anything in my normal routine. Does anyone have any ideas as to why i am having high readings suddenly. thanks

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