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9/21/15 6:28 A

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Well, it depends on the specific exercise. During the Burn Phase I stuck to lighter weights because you often combine lower body with upper body. Since the lower body usually is stronger you could go heavier BUT if you're doing say a squat with an anterior deltoid lift you have to consider which weight you will be able to lift with the weaker body part.
I stuck to approx. 5-8 lbs. weights during that phase.

Now, in the Push Phase you can rock it! I worked my way up to 45 lbs for squats and sumo squats and 20 lbs. for bench presses.

During the Lean Phase you will have to watch out for the combination of upper/lower body exercises again, so you might want to go lighter, even if you can go heavy on the lower body.

My advise: try a weight and if you are not comfortable with it just press "pause", change the weight and continue or start the exercise over again.

Have fun!

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7/16/15 1:15 P

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started with 5 and 10. Now I do 10 and 15 pounds

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3/3/14 12:23 P

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because there are so few reps I think even beginners could start with 5 & 8lbs. That's where I started and by the end of burn phase I was comfortable using 8 and 10's for all the moves

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3/3/14 9:54 A

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I'd have to say that it depends first on all, on your level of fitness. For someone completely new to strength training or recovering from an injury or illness-- no weight at all might be a challenge. Or even using soup cans as weights. So you can't really go by what anyone else has done. Personally, I started with 3, 5 & 10 lbs, because that's what I've got. But I just ordered some adjustable dumbbells because I need something between 5 & 10 bs, plus something more than 10 lbs. And I'm assuming as I keep going, I'll need more weights. So rather than buy more single weights, I bit the bullet and spent the money on adjustable ones.

I haven't been able to get the hang of using the resistance band for the exercises... but I'll admit I haven't spent much time trying either. Wrap it around your foot, wrap it around both feet, don't wrap it.... weights just seem easier.

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3/2/14 8:54 P

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It depends on the exercises. Those should be fine as she varies the weight throughout each session. It truly depends on the exercise in question. I used everything from 5 lb to 10 lb (i.e. 5, 8, 10). You will also receive bands, so if the weights are too light, try the bands, though I've not gotten quick enough to do the bands.

Would love to know what you think of the adjustable weights you ordered once your receive them.

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2/17/14 3:48 P

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I did it recently with no weights and felt it. (I'm recovering from shoulder bursitis).

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2/17/14 9:33 A

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It definitely will!

Together we can do this!

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2/17/14 9:18 A

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Hi!! I ordered my CE and it should be here by friday. I also ordered a set of adjustable dumbells from wal mart that go up to 90lbs (adjusts 10-45 each weight) that will not be here until the 28th. I want to get started ASAP and don't want to wait until the dumbells come. I already have a set of 3, 5 and 8lb weights. I know everyone starts out at different levels but do you think the 8's will be enough for the first few days? Thanks

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