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2/18/12 5:12 P

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I do the low impact modifications 90% of the time, yet Turbofire is still a great workout! As the others have said, they're aren't a lot of push-ups.

I also have a shoulder issue at times. On those days I limit workouts with punches (tough for us Chalene fans!). But the HIIT workouts come in handy those days because they don't involve kickboxing.

The CLX/TF hybrid may be a great option for you - you get the best of both programs. As Sarahfailla said, you can return it in 30 days. emoticon

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2/12/12 7:57 A

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Hey! So the few of my friends who have serious knee issues really do have to modify or use perfect form to not feel it in the knees. Of course there is every where in between when it comes to how easily you get injured so I do have friends who can do it and are fine without being super exacting. But then my one friend says even if she gets tired towards the end and uses sloppy form she can feel it the next day and will have to take a few days off.

You said you've done HIITs- there is a ton of plyo in these and she does do burpees. (Which I don't do bc of strain it can cause on my back.) Then push-ups aren't much of the program. In CORE there are some planks at the end with only like 4 push-ups or something. And then a few others in the ST workouts.

At the end of the day it's hard to say bc not sure how your body would react. There are lots of speed skates and such. I mean if you do the cardio in CLX I feel like they are 'harder' on my body than the stuff with FIRE. (Not in cals burned but just hard on the joints and such...)

Hope that helps. I mean if you try it there is the 30 day $ back that you could talk to your BB coach about.

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2/11/12 6:40 P

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I Think you could get a great workout modifying & adding weighted gloves...if it is impact that bothers the knees...there is a lot of twisting...turning and squatting though so if that is too much for then I would not reccomend...also shoulder stuff is it pressure or movement because there's a lot of fast paced kicking & punching. Not a lot of pushups but there are pushups in the strength and core workouts. The HIITs can be modified and as long as you give it 150% without the jumping you will get a good workout. I love the fire workouts...they are amped up turbo!
Hope it at least is enough info to help out on your decision!

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2/11/12 6:30 P

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Hey all! I am a ChaLEAN Extremer through and through. I am finishing up a round of CLX and am getting ready to embark on the Lean for Life phase but have been pondering purchasing Turbo Fire.

Here are my hesitations -- my knees. I don't have stellar knees. I normally modify jumping workouts. I can do a bit, but have to be careful or else I will hurt. I normally modify plyo type jumping workouts but can do others like the jump rope, speed skater type workouts. I know that there are modifications for her TF workouts, but I want an HONEST assessment on whether or not I would be throwing my $$$ away purchasing TF only to have to modify 99% of it. I am not new to HIIT workouts (I am right now doing HIIT workouts on my elliptical after each circuit for CLX so it isn't an "I can't do it because its too hard" type of thing.

Another, push ups. I hurt my rotator cuff doing P90X and am VERY careful with my shoulder. As it stands now, I don't do push ups with ChaLEAN. I am holding planks or finding some other exercise to do in lieu of push ups. Does she do a lot of them in this program?

I just want an honest assesment from those who have TF. I don't want an OH I LOVE IT type of thing, but rather is this a program that would fit me and my funky knees and shoulder? Thanks everyone for your input, I appreciate it!!

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