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8/6/11 12:08 A

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One thing to remember with GP is that food stays in your body longer than it should. For most people, what they eat is exiting their body in 24-48 hours. For us, it can be 72 or more hours. That means part of the excess weight comes from the food staying longer, and sometimes also from mild toxification from the food rotting in your gut. This is why the low fat low fiber GP diet is so important. If you eat a lot of fiber or fat then it will stay in you for way too long, create bloating and pain, and can cause weight gain. Exercising when you're in pain is really difficult, so finding little ways to burn extra calories is good - take the stairs, park farther away, pace the house, etc. There can be plenty of other reasons too, but these are just ones I can think of off the top of my head.

I think the most difficult part of gastroparesis is that everyone's case is a little different - a food that won't bother me could really cause pain for someone else, what works for you won't work for someone else, so it is about what works for each individual person. I lost 15 lbs just before I was diagnosed then went into severe starvation mode because I pretty much stopped being able to eat for a month (and the doctors refused to put me in the hospital because losing 10% of my body weight in 1 month apparently wasn't bad enough). Since then I've gone up a little, way down due to flare-ups, back up a bit, and have seemed to settle at an okay weight. Others here struggle to lose even just a few pounds, while some struggle to not be underweight.

It will probably take a few months for people who were just diagnosed to get the basics of what works for them, but once you do it does get easier. Start with the most basic diet of easy to digest food (low/no fat, low/no fiber, preferrably something that is easy to swallow), slowly add one food at a time, and see if you have problems or not. Tracking not only your food here on SP, but also how you feel should help. You can set up a special goal to rate 1-5 how you feel your digestive system was working each day and see if certain foods cause problems regularily or maybe something else like stress causes a flare-up. For me, I'm relatively okay as long as I moderate fat, fiber, protein, and carbs (yes, everything - I have other diagnoses also) and eat 6-10x/day, but when I'm stressed out, didn't get enough sleep, or did something like shovelling snow, then I have a major flare and have to go on very low fat and fiber, and lower protein but higher carbs. I eventually work my back to 'normal'. But there are some people that must be on TPN (tube feeding) because they can't digest anything.

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I'm in the same boat, but finally managed to lose about 5lbs the past 45 days. The biggest changes I made were working out daily even if I don't feel well (at least 15 mins of cardio help relieve my bloating and ab discomfort), LOTS of water (more than 64oz daily), probiotics every day (yogurt and chewables) and limited sweets/chips, etc. I hope this helps!

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8/1/11 12:50 A

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know what you mean! when they told me that gastroparesis had been the cause of my problems the past 6 yrs I looked it up...I saw underweight as a symptom and thought why can't that be me LOL
Seriously though, now that I am eating for the condition, I am losing about a pound per day. Probably not the healthiest way to lose weight and I don't feel great a lot of the time. I am hoping that it is an adjustment period because my abd, back (referred pain) and nausea are all much better.
Good luck



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7/31/11 8:59 P

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Unlike most people with this condition, I did not lose weight. I need to, and was doing Ok until I developed GP. Now, even though I don't eat much, I am not losing. Also, not feeling well makes it difficult to get in any exercise.
Any ideas?

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