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2/18/10 2:43 P

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I would see your Dr, I say YES to Post Partum Depression too.
Keep us posted.

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2/16/10 10:58 P

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You need to go se a doc. Have a hormone test. Wacked out hormones can cause lots of problems and can be easy to fix. If nothing else you might find out what is going on. I don't know that it is depression because you want to do things, but your doc can check that out as well.

Next, I second the therapy but only after you get an MRI (kick and scream if you must to get one). My sister went through this the first time- no therapy, no MRI - no MRI, no therapy - stupid insurance. When she hurt her back again she went straight to the doc and demanded an MRI.

Walking is the one thing you can do that can help keep you moving. Don't think of it as non-exercise. It's great exercise!

Make a list and schedule only what you need to, to make the day a good one. If you don't get everything on the list done, you still got 100% of what you did get done, done.

You will get back to yourself, you just need to figure out where the wrench is and use it to your advantage.

Finally, you need to get more sleep and your hubby, a friend, parent or whoever needs to step in and help you get it. Your doc can also help you figure out why you aren't sleeping.


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2/16/10 8:40 P

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I think you are feeling the cumulative effects of short-changing yourself of proper amounts of sleep. Can DH step up to the plate to help more so that you can sleep more...?

Have you done physical therapy for your back? I had SUCH a positive experience with PT for my lower back pain...TREMENDOUSLY helpful!

GL and good for you to post your dilemma! Hoping you'll find something helpful in our posts!


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2/16/10 7:42 P

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It sounds like you might have Post Partum stress or depression. I felt that way with my last child and I got my doctors help with medication. You might want to make an appointment with your baby doctor and discuss your options.

2/16/10 6:57 P

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I am having a dilemma and I REALLY need some opinions PLEASE!!

I am having a hard time with the thought of NOT exercising and do not know if I should take a little break or what and if so how long??

I get about 5-6 hours sleep (off and on through out night not straight) is what has got me wondering if I should break...

I am tired like just TIRED. I am fatigued no matter what I do, my body aches and my legs feel like lead. I am ALWAYS feeling this way since shortly after having my 2nd son (he is 11 mos old). I am always freezing. I am not saying freezing has anything to do with it but for some reason they sound like they might have something to do with each other.

I feel like I just want to sit there and watch tv because I am exhausted. My body feels like it is saying RELAX, BUT my mind wants to keep going. I will be bored and I know I NEED to exercise. SO the idea of not is bothering me...I just dont know what I should do. I just feel ugh like I dont not want to move. I feel like if I listen to my body I will NEVER exercise again because I am ALWAYS feeling this way. If I break I will NEVER run a race because of the same reason of ALWAYS feeling this way.

Please opinions?? What do yall think and have to say?! emoticon emoticon

ALSO on another note right now I am not supposed to be doing anything but walking because a month ago I hurt my back exercising and it is still not ANY better and it is making me even more frustrated!! I just dont get it. emoticon


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