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4/22/16 6:22 A

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Uugh - what a difficult situation!...

My suggestions...

Respond: Yes you're absolutely right - I do need to treat myself - that's why today I am treating myself to this delicious fresh fruit salad after my lunch... mmm... yummy... would you like some? And tonight for tea I am having a delicious (fill in the details) - what a treat that will be - big smile - what are you having? Muller light? Oh you know those sweeteners are bad for you because... and you know that it's been proven that people who eat diet foods don't lose weight? etc etc - pile it on every time they pile their stuff on you...

Maybe explain that actually your tastes have changed and costco cookies don't cut it as a treat...

I don't know what your personal weight loss situation is but whatever it is start making more effort yourself so you get a loss consistently each week, and every time they moan that they're not losing, quietly slip in that you lost x pounds *again* this week and that that's x weeks in a row that you've lost weight because you don't treat yourself except on special occasions (family birthdays etc) - rub in the fact that what you do works and what they do isn't working so they get the point that they have no right to tell you how to go about losing weight

Sides of onion rings and fries? response? A disgusted sounding uugh no thank you it's all grease yuk!

If you politely decline will they stop offering? I think you would need to decline every single thing for them to get the message. They won't stop offering otherwise. That's the easiest way to go about it though don't you think? Just say no thank you no thank you no thank you no thank you no thank you... consistent no thank yous equal consistent losses at the scales

Hope something of that was helpful to you
Have a good weekend. Think about how you're going to tackle this over the weekend and make a new start at work Monday morning.

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4/21/16 7:27 P

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Have you told them that overweight people most often need knee and hip replacements
as they get older. TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT !!
Type 2 Diabetes is rampant in U.S. I am from UK originally and there was not much said about it when I lived there. TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT !!
There are many reports in Spark Articles telling us that DIET food makes people crave sweet drinks and cookies and candies. TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT !!
I am 72 years old and I came from UK and there were places to go to pay to tell you how many recipes they can give you. TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT !!
Spark is Free and you should be brave enough to tell those people you are treating your body properly feed it good nutrition. Track your food, take your own food and drink to work if you have too. Most Diet food has chemicals in them and fat free has more sugar or Sweetener than regular food. Do your own thing to stay healthy and that is to move more. (EXERCISE-JUST WALKING and you will feel better, look better and that gives you more energy.
Take care you are on the RIGHT TRACK to better health. Pat in Maine,
I know it is hard to do but it is your mind and your body. TREAT YOUR BODY RIGHT !!

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Pat in Maine.
I FEEL Healthier every day with my Spark Tracker.
I will do it slowly I like it that way.
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4/21/16 4:58 P

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I've posted before about all the workplace food temptations I face but it's getting worse. We've had a team move round and a new manager has arrived. Two of the team were doing Weight Watchers already, and the new one announced on her first morning that she was going to start some new habits and lose weight.

I swear they are actually eating more as a result - they keep moaning that they aren't losing. It's nothing to do with me, except they keep offering me food which is really getting on my nerves.

On Monday we had giant Costco cookies and cakes, I accepted a cookie (but hid half for Tuesday it was so huge). Then there was a buffet at an event yesterday, I ate sensibly apart from creme brulee, but that was okay as I was back so late that I only wanted a pot of yoghurt for dinner. Then today the new manager brought snacks and diet coke in for a morning meeting, and took us out to lunch. I turned down snacks and had a 'small' carvery plate but they kept pushing over side dishes of fries and onion rings.

I just want to stick to my routine without interference from other people. I don't talk about my diet, or exercise, but every day this week I've been told "You need to treat yourself" or if I've been seen eating "Glad you are treating yourself" and they keep explaining why they are eating themselves. I do have 'treats', so long as I stay in range.

Has anyone had a similar experience? If I just keep politely declining will they stop after a while? It's not just that I need to lose weight, I need to keep it off when I get to target so I need a 'new normal' where treats aren't every day.

Sarah, Yorkshire, England
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