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2/28/11 8:37 A

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I used probiotics for a while, but I had to keep increasing the strength every 2-3 months until there wasn't anything stronger to take, but what I was taking didn't do anything for me. It was unfortunate because it was very helpful to start with.


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2/24/11 1:18 P

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I use Culturelle on a daily basis and it is the only probiotic that has helped me. Naturally it is expensive, because that's just my luck! I have definitely discovered that stress makes my flare ups so much worse, so I make it a point to take a break and sit in the sauna at the gym or relax for 10-15 minutes with a good book whenever I feel rushed or stressed out.

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2/24/11 10:44 A

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I was always disappointed that probiotics didn't help me. Took several different kinds over the years, and about all I got was headaches for some reason. They seem to work well for others though. The best alternative treatments that I've used and had great results with are taking fish oil, raising my D3 levels to a healthy 60 to 70ng/ml level, and eating low carb. I feel so much better than I used. Not completely well, but working on that. This is how I take and test for D3, which I suspect helped the most.

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2/21/11 6:14 P

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Still having pretty good luck with the hulled raw hemp seeds. Have em in my salmon salad for tonight. In my oatmeal in the morning. I feel like cat doots with this cold thing but my IB is fine which is great :)

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2/21/11 11:45 A

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It's good to try different ways to help with your IBS. Some things work for some people and for others...oh well. I always eat yogurt in the morning after I take my Digestive Advantage pill. I could not live without that miracle pill! It's the only thing that has made my life more normal in the past 8 years! So try everything and anything that is healthy to do to try and help with your particular IBS problems!!!

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2/21/11 6:38 A

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I noted an article on Spark People this morning about alternative therapies for IBS, and in particular, the following passages:

* Hypnotherapy. A randomized, controlled trial reported in the British Journal of General Practice in 2006, found that hypnotherapy improved symptoms and decreased the need for medication in people suffering from IBS.

Besides stress-management techniques, other alternative therapies have shown promise:

* Herbal therapy. A 2006 edition of the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, reported that certain Chinese herbs significantly improved symptoms of IBS, compared with a placebo. Other studies have noted that peppermint oil is beneficial. Herbs remain controversial because they can interact with medications and are not regulated for safety or potency. Get the facts on herbal supplements.

* Probiotics. Replenishing the intestinal flora to reduce IBS symptoms has been the subject of numerous studies. In 2006, the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology reported that “therapeutic trials" of certain probiotics (Bifidobacteria or Lactobacilli species) improved symptoms of IBS. Learn more about probiotics.

I wanted to let everybody know that while I have not yet tried hypnosis for IBS, I have recently been using it for insomnia and have had amazing results. You have to understand that this is after about fifteen years of chronic insomnia, so I was completely surprised when hypnosis began to work after just a few sessions. I'm definitely going to try it for IBS symptom management.

Secondly, I am currently using peppermint oil capsules (with ginger) for my IBS, and it is also helpful for my husband's terrible problems with heartburn. I got him to try it, and he has been amazed at how well it works. He normally has to take dozens of Tums and burps constantly, but has had great relief with the peppermint capsules.

I have had some success with probiotics also, though this is still an early process for me. I bought a product that's called "Colon Care" (mostly because it was on clearance), thinking it might help, but the first time I took it, I had cramps, so I haven't tried it again yet.

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