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1/9/13 12:12 P

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So I am currently doing the Slim in 6 (in week 2), and I am planning on awarding myself with another program when I finish. I've been going back and forth between Zumba and the Brazilian Butt workout. What is your opinion? I am leaning towards Zumba as it is also available at my gym if I need actually people around me...

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4/29/11 9:40 A

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HI There! emoticon
My Name is Michelle and i have been doing Zumba for a little over a year! I have not done it consistantly because I had to take a couple months off but I have lost 60 lbs due to dieting and Zumba mostly. I love to to dance, it has become therapy and stress relief for me to walk into that room. Take it slow, do it at your pace, make it your own. You dont have to go high intensity, there are lower intensity versions of everything emoticon

4/16/11 2:27 P

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Hi Jeannie!!

YES!!! TRY IT!!!!

As WEBSAM says, Zumba is high-intensity and burns a lot of calories, but doesn't have to be high impact. Some instructors like to do jumping and high-impact moves, but she's right--you can modify it if you want lower-impact.

i had a hard time following a Step class, too and walked out after about 10 min, I felt the same way the first few times I did Zumba, but I stuck with it, and now I LOVE it!!! Just don't go with the expectation that you will follow the instructor's routines perfectly--there is a learning curve. Just decide to move, get into the music and have fun with it!! Like WEBSAM said, being a "good dancer" isn't the point. As long as you are moving, you are burning calories--and it's supposed to be FUN, not a dance competition.

DO IT!!!!!!!
Just try it, OK? And tell us what you think! emoticon emoticon

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4/16/11 12:53 P

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Do you like to dance at all? (note: I did not ask whether you are GOOD at it, as that is mostly irrelevant)

Effective? I'm conditioned for Zumba (so that means I burn less calories than someone out of shape or heavier than me) and I burn 400-500 calories in a one hour class. So .. YES!

High impact? No, but each instructor teaches differently. High impact is defined as a lot of jumping. Some instructors jump a lot but you can choose not to do the jumping, just step in stead. High intensity? Absolutely. But you can always tone up or tone down ANYTHING in Zumba to make it work for you.

I thought step was harder to follow than Zumba. No equipment to trip over. The music is tracked, not continuous, so it's very different. Just go try it! :)



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4/16/11 12:47 P

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Hello all,
I've never tried Zumba & am curious as to what all of the fuss is about.
How effective a workout is Zumba?
Would you consider it high impact?
It looks like a lot of fun but, I don't like things like step aerobics so, I've been hesitant to try Zumba.
Any advice would be great!!
Jeannie emoticon

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