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3/3/14 7:48 P

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I catch the show whenever I can, so I'm rarely able to watch episodes in order, and I'm sure I've watched less than half of the episodes. I don't know the Hotchs' backstory (Did they get together before he joined the BAU? Were they childhood sweethearts? Did she have plans for her life that ended up put on the backburner because of his career?), and that would decide how I feel about Haley. Right now, with what I've seen, I'm not a fan. But my feelings could change if I learned that they got together before he joined the BAU - if this is the case, she got a bit of a raw deal. She hooked herself up with him with expectations of a life that he changed dramatically. I'd get a little upset about that too. HOWEVER, I'd get a divorce before having an affair (which I think was being alluded to in the s3e2 episode I didn't get to finish today - "In Birth and Death"). If she married him after he'd joined the BAU and already spent that much time at work, she knew what she was getting into, and I don't have sympathy with her. He obviously loves what he does, and her thinking that he's going to happily find another job that he isn't passionate about is delusional. Their marriage was doomed. If he HAD gotten another job, he would have come home regularly but less of a person, and eventually, she'd have grown disillusioned with the pathetic person he'd become. So I guess, after all that, my answer is I'm not sure. emoticon

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1/2/14 3:55 P

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She could have been a much better person but I don't think she was bad. I just don' t think she handled the situation well. But everyone can say what they would do but you never know until you're in her shoes.

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5/5/12 8:34 P

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I got into Criminal Minds sometime in the 1st season I believe, but I've seen every episode. Haley was always a great mother and did what she could to handle everything in their marriage. Hotch is pretty damaged after everything he's seen, done, and been through in the series. Even if he doesn't mean to, that stuff sticks with a person and he brought it home with him. Over time, it strained their marriage. Haley had to look out for herself and Jack while Hotch was always gone, and that didn't help either. Eventually, both Haley and Hotch made the decision to divorce. They never stopped loving each other, even when they were divorced. Haley didn't want to take Jack away from Hotch - she had to because of the Reaper.

I liked Haley. I wish they didn't have to kill her off, but I can see the point of needing to move Hotch's story forward by taking away the love of his life. I wish they'd show Jack a little more though, as it seems like he's fallen through the cracks. They have Haley's sister taking care of him, but it seems odd that she'll always take care of Jack in Hotch's new home while he's always gone, then he comes home and she disappears. I'm starting to think her and Hotch will fall in love so Jack's aunt will become his new stepmom. The show has been around for quite a few years now, so they're going to have to be stretching the backstories to some crazy places if they're going to keep the show going.

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4/30/12 1:04 P

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I was torn in both directions about her and the way her character was towards Hotch. I liked the actress who played her, but I didn't always agree with how they made their marriage problems so unfair to him. In the end, I was very upset about her death and how/why she was killed. She didn't deserve it that way and I hate that episode and the others about her killer. I can't and won't watch those in re-runs.

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4/28/12 10:52 A

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I remember watching the episode when The Reaper killed Haley, and thinking about how much it sucked, and how sad it was that Hotch "lost" her. I originally started watching CM in season 4, so I didn't seem how she was toward him pre-divorce. But divorce or not, it was still sad.

I then bought Seasons 1-6, and started watching from the beginning. And by the time I got to episode 100, I was sad for Hotch, but I didn't like Haley. She became so "b***hy" by the time they got divorce, and I was glad that he was rid of her.

For me it's a Disliked Her... How did you feel?

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