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1/22/09 10:20 A

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Now if they added a fingerprint thingy to that, it wouldn't be as bad. However I agree that it's not for me either. I think that with those chips added it will encourage more people to borrow our cards and use them without our permission. Especially with the way this economy is changing.

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1/15/09 12:17 P

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Chips are not for me. Just do a search on RFID chips on You Tube, you will find some frightening things.

And consider this: when EVERYONE has a chip in their card and another in their driver's license, what will the criminal element do then? Why, steal them, of course. Keep the chip, and make your own ID with the stolen chip. REALLY easy to do identity theft then.

Consider this: when stolen chipped cards become a huge problem for EVERYONE, from border crossings to boarding airplanes to identity theft, what will the banking industries, govt ID industry, "national security" do next?

That's right. Chip people. That wasn't such a long walk to the book of Revelation, was it?

Of course it won't have anything to do with religion or Revelation, and certainly not religious fanatics. Oh no. Of course not. It will be for Safety. It will be for Security. It will be for anti-terrorism. It will be for the Environment. It will be for the Children. It will be for young people. It will be for old people. It will be for the sick. It will be for saving money. It will be for miners, Special Forces, and people in harms way.

Just get ready, it's already here. They are chipping some border crossing licenses, drivers licenses, alzheimers patients, and pet activists highly recommend you chip your pet (tho these supposedly Humane people don't tell you it causes cancer in the pet). There is also a family in Florida who volunteered to be chipped. You can see it on You Tube. They are testing them on animals right now, for years now.

Consider this: when the govt REQUIRES your driver's license to be chipped, will you say no and walk or take a bus everywhere? A driver's license is required to board a plane, to get a job, to cash a check. What will you do without one if you say no?

Phase 1: Everyone's cards (ID, bank, etc) will be chipped.
Phase 2: Every person will be chipped.

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1/15/09 11:32 A

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It is a really convenient feature. But, I am concerned about this feature. Soon, people will have things that will retrieve the info and then make their own cards. I can't afford the 500.00 my bank leaves me liable for if I lose my card or it gets broken into. I would write a letter to every office in my bank. I paid for something with cash the other day and the lady just looked at me like I was crazy. Paying for things with cash is my latest attempt to stay within my budget.

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1/15/09 11:10 A

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Apparently, the latest & not-so-greatest, thing in paying for items is something called PayPass. If your debit card has this, it will be shown on the card. With this new chip in the card, you not only don't have to sign for a purchase, but you don't even have to enter a pin number. So if you lose your card, it would be quite easy for someone finding it (stealing it) to use it. You can read how Mastercard is hyping it up here:

People are upset enough about this, that there's already a YouTube video out to tell you how to disable the chip! You can see it here:

I hadn't heard of this until my Mom called me this morning to tell me about it. Her bank is HSBC (figures, huh?), & they are one of the banks doing this, & although the list seems to be growing quickly. She said she got her new card, & the more she thought about how this works, the more she didn't like it, so she called the bank today. She told them she didn't want this feature, & they told her she had no choice. She's thinking that she may not activate the card, but shred it instead & go back to using a check or credit card at the stores.

I'm curious as to what others think about this.

Donna (Upstate NY)

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