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7/18/08 10:09 A

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I went to a couple Bridal shows in Colorado... where you might go Jill since we live in CO :). I went because if you don't like anything there you get ideas on what there is. I got ideas for my center pieces at the wedding from one. Just but looking at the little details and decorations. The flowers I took note on which ones I loved. There was one lady I almost went though at a bridal show infact. You get to taste food and cake. The cake you can get an idea of what kind of cake you are looking for. And for the food you can get a little bit of idea of that as well. I looked through photo album and just made a mental note of what pictures I liked. That way when I met with my photographer I gave him an idea of what we are looking for. So, it is the little things that you can notice and might help you decide...

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7/17/08 1:23 P

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I think that they are only helpful if its at a reception site that you want to check out or are looking for a vendor. The ones that Ihave been to have always been free. There are some where you can get some cool free stuff. I personally thought that they were pretty useless and I was better off researching on my own since most of the info is on the internet these days.

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7/15/08 9:55 P

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I think it depends on what kind you go to. I suggest going to one around your place, and on the smaller scale. They have huge 'extravaganza' ones, and I think that's what these ladies are probably talking about.
I went to a few-one right near my house, church, and my now reception hall was there. I also got a free 'romantic weekend' out of it by hilton! I like to free crap--the mags and stuff are good. But all the vendors were really, people I will most likely use due to the area. I got some cool ideas, and it's good to go to start getting a ballpark of prices. Looking for another in my area soon...

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7/11/08 7:21 P

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My fiance and I went to one - and only because I got a free ticket. I've been very organised in my planning and find that once I know what I want it's easy. The bridal show was insane - just people everywhere - saw quite a few Bridezillas. We basically wandered and then when everyone went to watch the inevitable fashion show - we went to the vendors. This way there was no line of pushy people coz they were all watching the show. We also went with specific things in mind that we wanted to look at - like transport and photography - and we just collected brochures and samples from everything we thought was interesting. We were there probably no more than 45mins in total. We didn't even look at the stuff we picked up until a few days later. I found it pretty much as everyone else has said, overwhelming and not incredibly conducive to feeling excited about getting married.

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7/11/08 5:57 P

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I went to one in January just to try and get some ideas, since we didn't have any details worked out about our wedding yet. The vendors were very pushy, and seemed annoyed when we didn't have a wedding date set. As it turns out, we didn't find it all that helpful since we're not having the wedding in St. Louis (which is where the show was and therefore all the local vendors were represented).

If you go, be careful of misleading vendors, however! These vendors will try and get you to sign up for stuff, and you have to be careful what you sign up for. When we got home that night, we got a call from some representative from Simplicity Bridal saying we won a 2 night, 3 day vacation in Mexico and all we had to do was come to some lecture on cookware. We did some research online, and apparently the cookware is extremely expensive, and people who did take the vacation said the trip wasn't that much of a deal after all. Its a shame that these vendors try and exploit couple as they celebrate their happiest moments.

Anyway, we found the show disappointing and uninformative, but we were likely not in a position to get anything out of it either since we didn't have a date set and it wasn't in the city where we're having the wedding.

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7/11/08 3:20 P

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I don't really like them. Its a lot of people in a small space and people trying to sell you things. I don't really like the fashion shows either. However, give them a trial and see how you like it.

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7/11/08 2:35 P

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Well, having been engaged for a year already, I have been to a gazillion bridal shows. Some have been worth it, some have been annoying. Some of the vendors have been helpful, some have been really bad and pushy. I think the only vendors that I have booked at the bridal shows I've been to is my tuxes and my chocolate fountain for the rehearsal dinner...that's it! I have found that the vendors at the bridal shows are on the expensive side. If you are looking to keep costs down (like me!) then skip the shows and do your own research.

Honestly, the only reason my friends and I go is for the free cake and the chocolate fountains!!

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7/11/08 1:46 P

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That is what I heard about them also. They can be very overpriced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can see how it would totally be a turn off! lol

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7/11/08 1:19 P

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I went to one and maybe I'm just lacking some bride genes, but I really didn't like it. There were so many brides and they do competitions and all brides are trying to win it. And the bidding on runway gowns. It was hectic and the one I went to had sooooo many overpriced fact when i left, i just wanted to took a couple of months to get over it. Just all the stress and people fighting and pushing, I for some reason imagined it being calm and people excited about their special days. It was just way too artificial and commercial, no personality or heart or depth. It was business and that bothered me (on both sides brides and vendors)

Sorry I guess I just didn't like them, but if you do go take alot of girls so it will increase your chance of winning a door prize.

mandy :)

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LESSOFJOSIE Posts: 2,463
7/11/08 12:57 P

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I have actually never been to one, I wanted to just for the heck of it, but never did.

I would suggest taking your mom, a sister, or a best friend with you, or heck all of them!

I heard they are kind of not worth it, but I think it may be fun!!!!!!!!!

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7/11/08 12:51 P

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Has anyone been to one? What do they do there? Are they worth checking out? Who do I take with me?

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