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3/19/11 5:18 A

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For a gallant spirit there can never be defeat. emoticon


It's ok,everything will be just fine!
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I ask you this... why, if you tell someone that there are a billion stars in the sky they believe you but if you tell them that a bench has wet paint on it, they still have to test it?

It's a test of trust, It's a test of faith and curiosity does get the best of us...

The same thing happens when we are told by Doctors, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Specialists and (Of course) our families that we really should lose weight and get into shape!
I believe that I need to lose weight and get into shape... I see this in the mirror every time I pass by and try to suck in the old belly and try and puff out my chest... I really don't have to be told that the excess weight is doing a number on my knees and ankles, I don't really need to be told that the trouble that I have breathing could be partly the extra weight I'm carrying...

But all the telling, all the research, all the wishing, all the dreaming etc won't do me a bit of good unless I believe that it's time to do something about it,
I've been on the weight loss roller coaster almost all of my life... I've tried weight watchers, Atkins, Southbeach, Nutrasystem etc and I don't knock any of these weight loss centers... because...They told me... If you follow our way, you will lose weight... guess what... many times in the past I tried and many times I crashed and burned...why? it wasn't the system... although I blamed them, NO... It was me not believing what they had to say!

So what's wrong with me? Perhaps it was my foolish pride talking... perhaps I thought that I could do better than what they had to offer... re-invent the wheel if you will... but I thought I could do a better job at controlling my weight!

The Doctors, the Mirrors, the scales, the measuring tape, the wardrobe all told me different. I was miserable, I felt that I was a failure...I saw a Doctor at the University of Calgary who did hundreds of tests and after the results came in he called me and said...Listen to me Ray... do you want to live or do you want to die? Here is the results! He then assigned me a Nutritionist at the University of Calgary and she turned me on to research and also turned me on to the SparkPeople website!.. So I listened to them FINALLY and started with Spark People and my research!

It was a miracle! After everything was explained... and I finally listened, the pieces finally fell into place. the weight started dropping off, I started feeling better and My Life Started Turning Around!

It was like somebody put a wet paint sign on the website and dared me not touch it... well I couldn't resist the temptations of the site, the warm friendly people, the help desk, the Spark wheel, The teams, the success stories...the the everything... and all I had to do was to get past the wet paint sign mentality, sit down and stay a while and believe!... I started believing in what the Doctors, nurse, family, Spark Family and what my gut was telling me and you know what... I Believe! I believe what they have to say, I Believe in myself, I believe in my goals...And... I Believe that I CAN DO IT!...

I'm on the road to success and there's nobody going to stop me! only 42 more pounds... (and the last 40 are the hardest I'm Told) but it is reachable and I will do it!

When someone tells me there's billions of stars in the sky I want to tell them... why look up
Take a look at the website called Spark People... There's a place where the stars are shining daily and it's a place where you can truly believe!

I believe!
I can do this...
I have the resources to complete my journey...
By using the tools, the resources, the information and start believing in myself and my goals I truly believe I CAN DO THIS

I'm worth it... It only took me 6 years to start listening and doing what I should have done in the first place!


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