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4/1/11 4:31 P

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I think we are all products of our past, good or bad, it's our choice on how we think.

I for one, know I can't change the past (or those labels) but I CAN change my future if I am determined enough.

Jesus's real name is Yahshua which means God is Salvation; many people call Him Yeshua or Y'shua which simply means Salvation. It's all good.

God's real name is YHVH in Hebrew or YHWH in Greek both man Yahweh.

I think it's awesome to know the real names of those I love.

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3/27/11 4:12 P

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I am who I AM .Neither better than others but neither worse!

Indian standard Time!Now 54 yrs old.Had a Sleeve Gastrectomy and like most of us who have had this survey-it is a welcome surgery and ,howeer a radical lifestyle change-in diet,exercise,evrything.Weight is down by 20 kilos.That is a whole new me but I need to lose a couple of 5 more kilose hopefully due to newly diagnosed psoriatic arthritis.Well here's to all of us ,everybody!I am on a new challenge that
involves decorating the using SPARKPAGE DECORATING & VOTING CONTEST thread as

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3/19/11 6:07 A

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I don't have to get rid of those labels to set myself free,I don't mind them at all. Every one is free to think what ever they want.
~Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner.~
Lao Tzu


It's ok,everything will be just fine!
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3/14/11 10:01 P

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I hate those labels.


If you tell God no because He won't explain the reason He wants you to do something, you are actually hindering His blessing. But when you say yes to Him, all of heaven opens to pour out His goodness and reward your obedience. What matters more than material blessings are the things He is teaching us in our spirit.
Charles Stanley

For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in
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3/13/11 8:08 P

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You know, with all that has gone on in my life the past 4 weeks, I've become a different person. I see life from a whole new perspective. I don't fit many of the "labels" from before. Of course now I'm being labeled different things, but I just don't care.
I know who I am, and that is ALL that matters! I will continue to be the BEST me I can be!
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3/13/11 3:54 P

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Who Are You?

Or maybe a better question is … Who do you want to become!
Have you been labeled by society as a (whatever) and you want to know why? Identity labels are not only a useful tool, they also help us define who we are and what we may become! They’re a necessary evil when you’re trying to become something other than what you are! They define us . They shape the way people perceive us, and how we act towards others.

When people look at you do they see what you want them to see or are you giving out false information about yourself to make yourself look perhaps better than you really are? Or… Do people see somebody who doesn’t give out enough information so that people could become confused when talking to you!

Could you be labeled wrong?

In my case when I was growing up, the kids at school used to label some of us by saying things like…
You’re fat, you’re ugly, you’ll never amount to anything in your life, nerd, why can’t you be like everyone else? Etc etc…
To work beyond a label sometimes is a hard thing… especially when you hear something often enough! If you hear it enough, you’ll begin to believe it! It’s hard to break the thought pattern …But it can be done!

The things we hear most likely are said by people who are going out of their way to hurt us in most cases! But, there are those who also tell little lies to make us feel good! Bless their hearts for trying but… I simply want the truth so I can shed the labels that society gives me and start working on my positive self image… so I can move on with my life. It’s how I want the world to see me! I want to feel good about myself and with all those negative labels how can one move on with life?

To this I only have one thing to say!...

What ever people say to me goes in one ear, rattles around a bit and then goes out the other ear!
I’ve learned over the years ,a simple tool, that has helped me grow to the person that I’ve become and that is this… Take in all of the information that I’m being fed, Process the information… retain what you need or want to keep that will help me and get rid of the garbage that’s left!

For example…Am I fat?… answer: yes but I’m working on that!
Am I ugly?...Answer: Opinions may vary but my wife and family love me and that’s all that matters
Am I a Nerd?...Answer: at times but I’m a lot of other things as well… well spoken, funny, clever, articulate, tall, informed, vocal, opinionated, … the list goes on

So what is on your labels list… I say It just doesn’t matter!
And now the big question… Why can’t you be like everyone else?... Who says I want to be like other people… what’s wrong with being myself… an individual… completely different from others.

There’s no other person in this world that’s more qualified to be me… than ME!
So you see… Labels don’t really mean much! The label is nothing personal… and they JUST DON’T MATTER! They may hurt or help us but it’s up to us whether we want to use the information given us to better how people see us!! A label is a tool for betterment… nothing more!

If a person is negative … take in the information that is useful to you and throw out the rest! It’s not worth raising your blood pressure over! You certainly don’t have to associate with this person again… but the choice is yours.
If the person has positive comments, certainly thank them for the compliment… process the information and see if the information can be used to better yourself. (and I do appreciate a good complement!)

But… the Image that you put forward to others will certainly be YOU! Your smile, your humor, your understanding, your knowledge, you demeanor, your strengths, your weaknesses they will all be distinctly YOU!
It’s all up to you how others will look at you … you have to power to change it all!
It’s This Image, positive or negative, that will determine how others remember you! (scary isn’t it)

Always remember… what you say and what you do in the eyes of others, good or bad, show others the true you!
If you’re always negative, if you call others names, if you curse, if you’re mean, if you’re always unhappy… that is how people will remember you!
If on the other hand if you’re always positive, If you have only good things to say about others, If you’re always helpful, you’re courteous, If you always try to do your best, if you’re held in high regard by your community and in their eyes you can do no wrong…(even the neighborhood cat likes you) Then that’s how people will remember you!
Remember… When you’re given a “Label” use it to your advantage!
If it’s negative… turn it positive and move forward!

So… I ask again… Who Are You?
You can only be the BEST YOU that YOU CAN be!
You Can Do It!
Take that positive step forward… Smile… get rid of all of those labels and set yourself free!!
You’ll be a happier you!


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