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2/13/13 8:53 A

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well I have a 13 yr old and im not ready for that stage yet. as far as I know he hasn't had a girlfriend yet. he does have a few friends that are girls and several other friends. but I think when it is his time he will ask a girl. if its not before school is out then it will happen when it happens. I think as a mother im not going to push the issue because if I do then he just wont be happy with me. specially if he asks someone just because I want him to and it ends bad. it would devastate him. good luck.

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1/8/13 3:56 P

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My situation is almost the same...he's 16 his face breaks out still, B's some C's, plays sports just really doesn't have the confident in himself I'm guessing....just NOW started hanging out with a school friend...I just don't know how to handle it I was the complete opposite!! I guess I'm not helping, BUT its nice to know he isn't the only one....

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1/7/13 8:46 P

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My oldest kids are both girls, a senior and a sophomore. Neither one has had a boyfriend. The oldest has dated,but usually they all go out as a group. The younger one also goes out in a large group, but has not "dated," yet. To be honest, I am definitely ok with this.

I did tell my oldest that I'd like her to meet a nice boy. She said once she gets to college. She is pretty picky with whom she dates, I'm happy, and she doesn't see any boys that have her same drive or work ethic in her high school.

Besides, she tells me, she is too busy for all the drama. She plays club and varsity soccer and she has a job. Right now she is busy filling out college scholarship applications and figuring out senior year "stuff."

So, I'm letting her do what she feels is right for her. She gets plenty of attention and has many offers from boys, but for now she is fine and I'm fine with that. emoticon


1/7/13 2:14 P

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My 17 year old daughter just got her first boyfriend about 3 months ago. Part of me was excited for her and glad she got the experience and "thrill" of having a boyfriend, but part of me really didn't want her to have to go through the "drama". Fortunately he's turned out to be a pretty nice guy. The good news/bad news is he lives about 35 mins. away and doesn't drive yet (neither one of them got their drivers licenses when they were eligible), so we have to pick up drop them off for dates. It's bad news because it's a lot of driving and good news because we got to get comfortable with him before he's able to pick up our little girl! Plus he can't just "drop by". He'll be driving in March, so we'll see how that goes!

I always just encourage my daughters to be themselves and someone will come along. It's probably a little different with boys, but self esteem & rejection is tough on teenagers!

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1/6/13 10:51 P

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Wow what a situation....he sounds like a fantastic kid....I don't really have any advice for you because both my boys just took that leap and ask the girl to be their girlfriend and it turned out well for I didn't have to have that type of conversation with them but I would continue to build his confidence I wouldn't worry to much about it though...he will find a wonderful girl I'm sure I wish him all the best

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1/6/13 10:28 P

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This may seem like an odd worry but I would really like my 17 year old son to experience going on a date/having a girlfriend before high school is over. I know I'll probably end up saying 'be careful what you wish for' but he's such a great kid and I think he would enjoy spending time with someone.

He is a straight A student, athlete, good looking, has a part time job. I would describe him as a real catch. He is a fairly confident kid except when it comes to girls. He had bad acne for a while and I think that affected his self esteem but it has gotten a lot better. I think he also asked out a girl a couple of years ago and she turned him down. I think the rejection really put him off asking out anybody else.

I try to encourage him but don't want to sound like an overbearing mother telling him to go get a girlfriend. Is this something I should even be worrying about or is it something I can help him with and encourage him to try and overcome the fear of rejection.

If it is to be it is up to me

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