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11/14/12 4:41 P

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The most important thing for your daughter to know is that you love her!!! Make sure she hears that from you, even if it is in the middle of a blow-up.

I would encourage talking too. There are many things out there these days that can be affecting our kids and we may or may not know about them.

I know I acted out some when my parents were getting a divorce, I know you are not there (and I pray you work it all out!) But I felt I did something to cause the fighting. Now, that is not what happened, but I was a kid. Kids see and feel things different than we do as adults.

Just don't give up on your DD.
I will be praying for your family!

Blessings are coming your way!!

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11/8/12 7:31 P

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i have a almost 11 year old girl and I dont think it is all from what is going on i bet some of it is just plan ol hormones going nuts. maybe you could do a girls day and spend a day together and do some real talking and see if anything underlying is going on.

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11/8/12 11:04 A

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Hi there Bonshell and welcome to the team...glad to have you join us....I'm so sorry you're going through these things with your family...I know it's the teenage thing that happens to kids once they turn a certain sons try it from time to time but I absolutely refuse to accept that type of behavior and let them know....I will not stand for them being disrespectful to me I do to much for them for that to happen...I'm sure you talk to her about it but maybe some therapy to see why she's so angry about things will help....I have my family in therapy every week and it's helping a lot...I'm finding out a lot of things about us.....and how to handle those outbursts....

I hope that some of the other members can give you more advise and I hope that things can get resolved for you quickly

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11/8/12 9:57 A

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Hi. I'm brand new to this group, and I'm trying to figure out how to be involved with these messages. I have a 12 year-old daughter who is being extremely rude, hateful, hurtful and disrespectful to me. Once the cloud of drama has cleared, I can calmly talk to her and we resolve the matter.

I have had a bad year with my husband, and I have a feeling her outbursts and comments are at least a little bit reflecting his behavior toward me. However, I want to STOP getting caught into the drama of the situations that arise. Any tips on that?

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